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The Man On My Property And Other Experiences on 2013-04-01

This is my first story (I have 3 stories here). My house is a single story farmhouse and is about 75 years old. When you walk in, you see the living room, to your left is the kitchen/dining room. And if you look to your right, there is the hallway. Down the hall is my room, my mother's, my sister's ...

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Date: 2013-04-10
hmmm...i don't know... Maybe the ''voices'' where from the past, like someone could of died before taking a pee, and he/she wanted in to finish up their business when they were alive, but I don't know... Just a theory.
well, I don't know the exact tribe, as they were there long before I was born, and the ghosts in stories 1 and 2 were never seen agian.
Date: 2013-04-01
maybe there was a murder or something in that room, that caused all this paranormal energy? Otherwise, maybe there was a guitar player in the room that lived there before, and was killed, and that's why the guitar plays... Or he/she likes music, because of the radio and guitar.