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My Boyfriend's House And Its Little Friends on 2013-04-03

I never really talked about it with people who might know more about it, so I really hope someone here knows more. Me and my boyfriend got together about a year ago. We talked about what we liked and believed. The same music, the same movies and we also both believed in paranormal things. I perso...

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I also bought sage, i'm going to cleanse but i'm not sure if I can do it without my boyfriend or not, since he got his work.
sds I don't know why he would draw that, but after I yelled that he couldn't touch me (or something like that) I calmed down. His parents aren't helping in this, they don't really want to talk about it. They think it's not that bad, I guess.

We don't have any contact with his sister anymore. But i'll look into the history.
Ok i'll get a rose tomorrow:) Never heard of that one before.
the moodswings are not a part of my depression because the activity was there before I had that condition already.

And i'm very fine now, and it's still happening.
First, thank you all for the quick responses.

To valkricry, what I meant with the couch next to it.
We both (my boyfriend and me) felt that someone or something was watching us and was sitting on that couch.
When my boyfriend walked near it, the tv who is right next to it got snow-vision. When he jumped backwards because that scared him the tv went to normal vision.

I am sure everything can overpower me very easily because I was depressed.

Thank you for that tip, I will use it if it's necessary.

The EMF readings are all low and there are no spikes. We already checked that once. But i'm going to take your advice and keep a journal. Thank you.

Great tip if I could, but I can't because this is now my home.
Well as someone from the Netherlands too, I can tell you that there are people here who believe in ghosts too.

I think this story is incredible. It's nice that you don't find it disturbing or scary that a little boy plays in your house.

I really don't know where he came from, but he seems to interact with you and seems playfull and sweet.

Good luck with getting more information.