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I'm Rachel, I believe in all things spiritual, strange and mystical. I have many different opinions on subjects like these but I will always leave a nice comment or add a story I particularly like to my favorites list. It would be great if you could do the same for me! Happy reading!:)
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Red Light, Big Fright on 2011-12-19

I experienced this whilst staying at my Aunt's house in Devon. I did some research into the house and it was built around the 16th century and the owner of the house died in one of the upstairs rooms, the cause of death wasn't recorded in the house's documents and which upstairs room is still unknow...

The Two Women on 2011-10-25

I was told about a year ago by my mother that when I was roughly 3 or 4, I had strange experiences with the paranormal. One autumn evening I went to bed and I told my mother the next morning that I saw two women in each corner of my room, I wasn't distressed or frightened. One of the women had re...