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I have had paranormal experiences in the past, most from childhood however. In the past year I classify as "non-religious" or "atheist" but I grew up Christian. I am spiritually confused at times but I just know the things I've experienced had to have been real.
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Strange Occurrences In Our Old House Pt 2 on 2013-04-10

(This is a continuation of Pt 1. -- P.S. I live in Chicago, Illinois, I clicked the wrong country for Pt 1 and didn't get to correct it) Sometimes my favorite radio (A Studebaker, which was laid on the ground in front of the outlet by my bed) would be mysteriously unplugged when we came home fro...

Strange Occurrences In Our Old House Pt 1 on 2013-04-10

These took place around 8-10 years ago. We was living at our old house. It was me and my mom and dad (now separated), and two sisters (two of us, one including me, are in college now). I was around 9-11 years old when these happened. I'm not sure how to describe it. Basically, nothing truly sinister...

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It was mainly the basement we felt most scared about half the time, but I used to get strange vibes from time to time. Like, entering an empty room, but the vibe or energy would be so great and anticipating that I'd get uncomfortable and leave, like there was just an invisible building tension. There was only one or two times when I felt that something actually touched me in some way.