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The Creature Where I Come From on 2013-04-24

I am new to this site, but I'd like to take a moment to share a story about one of my many paranormal experiences. I grew up in a old town in west Oklahoma that started as a Indian reform town. I remember when I was young hearing stories of magic and ghost, demons and angels, etc. Anyhow, I grew...

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Date: 2013-05-08
I really like this one, although, you mentio. You could hear them talk, and they seemed to hear you. Also, that they confirmed one was on a payphone. Do you recall anything that may have been said? That, to me, would make for some interesting reading.
That may seem fesable... I'm not sure really what they are, but I believe in just about everything so werewolves seem feesable to me as well
I am sorry for the story sounding effect I just used the third party thing because I don't wish for some to. Get rich off of my experiences. I have never seen the fringeand my watcher isn't tall hes short maybe about 5 foot or a little taller. I know he isn't suppose to interfere but it doesn't mean he dont. Badjuujuu, as for the. First one I saw I never seen it up close, nor the thing my brother in law, sister, and cousin seen. As for its legs, I didn't pay. Attention I been scared shiatless everyttime I see it... However, I know it looks like a dog, and walks upright like a man. Also I believe its not from here (this plain of exustense) and I believe its not something to mess with unless I figure out how to get ridd of it. It has only approached me one time and I was with a friend we saw it in the woods by a lake while we were walking to my house from a day of fishing. I'm not really looking for answers, mostly just trying ti figure out if anyone else may have. Had these experiences or know what I am dealing with?
Date: 2013-05-02
Sounds like Faeries protecting you to me. Therefore I woould definately want the around.
Date: 2013-04-26
I don't kno if I'd say the smell was just you missing him. My mom died when I was just shy of two on thanksgiving day. She dipped a snuff called sweet garret (Literally, looks like dirt and smells like cinnamon burning. Its very distinct)... I lived in this house with my father most of my life, only moving for short periods of time before he would talk me into coming home.

Anyhow, we smelled this snuff a couple times a week at least until I graduated highschool. My father died in 2009 and I moved out for good in june of 2010 but I still smell that smell ever so often. And my wife has as well, although she remains a non-beleiver even after seeing locked doors open a close and lock back at least a couple times in every house we have lived in together. As far as your pet goes I would say he just still wanted to be with you.

As for the white head, I am not so sure what that could even be, except maybe that people say their are different plains of existence. Maybe what you seen was someone who figured out how to peer into ours and you just happened to see them.

Anyhow, great story hope really hope your experiences come back soon and you continue to post on them very interesting...
Date: 2013-04-24
Juneau alaska? The fourth kind, right? Bud I would seriously consider aliens in this case I kno alaska is pretty famous for that
Something like this happened to me when I was about 12 or 13 only I was with my nephew who is 2 years younger than i. And it was in the middle of a town of about 350 people that I grew up in. If I remember right we were looking for a lost pet when we started hearing heavy breathing. Well everytime we located it it would move... We decided to split up and look for it and at one point I swear I heard it so close to me its breath had touched the back of my neck... At the same time my nephew yelled at me from the end of the ally way as I turned around... He say it was some kind of demon cat like a panther almost... All I know is it moved silent and so swift that by the time I turned to face it it had vanished
Sounds to me like certain entities flock to you because you can see them...