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The Devil Or Angel? on 2013-04-23

This is an experience that my mum has told me, so it is not my story. This happened in New Zealand, up north in my small hometown Panguru. My mum told me that she was in a car with 3 of her mates and her cousin driving back from some event at their high school. They drove across the bridge, but then...

Whistling Calls For Ghosts on 2013-04-23

Heyyo! My name is Mary and I would like to share a true paranormal event I had experienced about 2-3 years ago in the beautiful country New Zealand, Auckland. I use to have a habit of whistling, A LOT. My mum would always tell me that I shouldn't whistle so much, especially at night time because it ...

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Date: 2013-04-23
Well, first of all you should actually stop doing what you and your friend were doing, you should not, I repeat SHOULD NOT mess around with things like this, I am not a priest or anything, I'm 14 as well and it doesn't take a priest to let you know what you are doing is pretty stupid. You are only going to hurt yourself, you don't just say "ghost, spirits we call on you, bring your presence here" or whatever, because you don't know WHO or WHAT your opening the door for, so stop what you're doing or it will only get worse buddy.