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In Your Dreams on 2013-06-11

This story is admittedly an account of a dream but I feel it could take place on this site as it's a dream of almost paranormal circumstance. It's a simple "weird" and somewhat inexplicable one; it's a quick one but an interesting little read. I had a dream a few years ago that was much, much mor...

A Change Of Face on 2013-05-22

Second of my many small and somewhat random experiences in my life, but a considerably more dark one, and perhaps classed more as a loved one's experience. And admittedly a more tricky one to tell. Once again taking place a few years back in my small creaky house in the woods. (If you've not seen...

A Stern Reminder From The Other Side on 2013-04-24

To begin with, I am new here but have always been interested in anything and everything paranormal since my early teens and have followed and read so many stories on the site. Thought it might be time to finally share one of my own. For a brief bit of background on me, to help set up my story, I ...

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Date: 2013-06-11
Once again thanks all for your ideas and comments, I tell things as they are matter-of-fact because I believe all the fluffing up and drama of stories is actually less interesting than the truth.

Miracles; I'm not sure my partner had a gift more than I think I opened his eyes to something we all block out.

In answer;

The incidents that have occurred through my life were before and after, as well as during my time with him, from around fifteen to my 23 years now I've been acquiring experiences. Less so when I was a teenager so I'm not entirely thinking even the 'moody teen' stage could be bought up here as an excuse. That said the negative, only happened once or twice, alone and with him but all around that time as I had a lot on my plate and have since learned from that time in my life lessons that make this no longer occur
Well how lovely of you all, I do enjoy sharing my experiences with people who don't snicker hehheh.

Miracles, I do like LOTR so that is a good movie snapshot for what it may have looked like if I could have seen through the dark hehe:)

ZZSGranny; it is a lovely feeling to know that even when things don't work out you don't always loose the family that you still love:) I now have incentive from the positive feedback to share more so keep an eye out:)

Valkricry and Geetha; echo's come from somewhere:P thanks for the positive words and more stories will come for sure:)

Wishfulnull; thanks for a thoughtful comment:) I have always been well spoken and had a way with words, born story teller. So my experience, even though not anything excessive, is dressed in my flair for writing and telling all the details, I write short stories about whimsical things for fun on the side. That said I re-wrote and grammar checked several times! That is true that I like to ask all the questions first before jumping to a paranormal decision, must be mumsy indeed!:D

Thanks all:)

Working on the next one now

❤ ❤