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Visit From Dead Soldier on 2013-04-24

I'm new to this site and after reading some of the stories here I decided that I wanted to share my experience. This happened when I was 4 and lasted until after I turned 5 years old. I was living in Mexico City at the time my encounter happened. (I currently reside in the US). When I was four, I...

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Date: 2013-05-10
Yeah by it I meant the experience.

And as for the fish, I honestly don't know how they kept the situation from escalating... But the painting with Jesus and Mary has a lot of meaning for us (its been in the family for years), so I feel that because of that painting I was protected. 😊
Date: 2013-05-09
I honestly don't know why the psychic felt that he was a pedophile, just that she did. My mom also told me that the psychic said that because we had the fish and the painting, that the spirit didn't/couldn't harm me because they were a sort of protection. She had said that if we didn't have those item or faith that the situation could've escalated and I could've possibly been harmed.

I remember feeling really creeped out by the situation, I wasn't calm but at the same time I wasn't screaming my head off when it happened (so somewhere in between) . I also knew at the time that whatever was happening wasn't right. I don't think I processed that what was happening was a paranormal event, like I don't remember thinking "omg I'm being haunted by a ghost!" 😜
Date: 2013-05-08
When my sisters were born my parents lived in an apartment it wasn't until I was born until we moved to the house I described. As far as I know, they didn't have any experiences with the spirit.

And none of my grandparents died when I was that age.

When I asked my mom why she believed the psychic, she told me that after she had told her about the german soldier, my mom researched who lived there before us, and sure enough a German man retired from the war lived there before us. Also the psychic told her things that she couln't have known, like my mom never mentioned who this spirit was bothering, juts that it was bothering "one of her daughters," the psychic knew it was me.

The psychic was a friend of my grandmas (and shes experienced paranormal things as well) although my mom didn't know her personally, but she didn't pay the psychic, the psychic just wanted to help.

And thank you for bringing it to my attention that the spirit may not have been malevolent because I actually never wondered whether it was malevolent or benevolent 😊
Date: 2013-05-03
MrMojoRisin93: yea i've heard the story of la llorona... In mexico its common to have maids, and the maids we had would all talk about different experiences they or their friends have had with la llorona

Valkricry: the neighborhood we lived in wasn't very safe, so the gates would prevent any robber or bad person from getting to any of us and potentially hurting us. That's why when I first heard the sounds I thought it was my dad locking them up because no one could get past them 😜
Date: 2013-05-03
Rockangel: no, I would just hear him come up the stairs and feel him sit on my bed

Merlyn: she cleansed it with some sort of incense and was muttering something, although I can't remember what exactly she said