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My background is of being born to immigrant parents in England. My stories will be pretty much what I have heard from them or my other relatives from their home nation, Bangladesh. Some of them will not be very detailed as some time has gone by since I have last heard them. I also won\'t be using their real names for various reasons. The other thing is my own belief. I am Muslim, so I do believe in Jinn. And even though I do believe in Jinn, I also believe that it is extremely rare for them to even make contact with us. Also, in my own opinion, the Muslim view of ghosts, demons, incubus, etc. Are that they are Jinn. Other people (and some of them Muslims) have their own thoughts on Jinn and you can read them on the net and even on this site (e.g. Http:// I, myself, find these ghost stories fascinating although I am highly skeptical. I try to follow the motto of the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, who said "When you are eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." As I have grown older, I have tried to apply any new knowledge I\'ve come by to the stories and see if they still stand or if they are more stories based on rumour with little information and such to be counted as actual ghost/jinn accounts at all. Although I have stated my own view, each to their own (beliefs and opinions). I\'ll respect yours on here, as we should always keep an open mind.
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Come Out And Play - Schizophrenia Or Possession? on 2013-05-13

When my mother was a little girl she wasn't very sociable like her brothers and sisters. She didn't have many friends and would prefer to spend time by herself, or at home. She did have some friends. Amongst them, she was good friends with one particular girl. Usually they would play with each other...

A Galloping Of A Horse Or Something More? on 2013-05-01

This was told to be by my mother. She is from Sylhet, Bangladesh. This takes place when my mother was a child. She and her family were visiting one of her grandma's home. The whole family was getting together after a long time. Some of them have visited each others' homes in between the last great g...

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If anyone has actually has any first hand experience of possession (either themselves or someone they know), I would like some feedback if they think this could be a case of it or not.

To everyone who has commented so far, thanks for your response. I'll try to post some more. Most of the stories concern my mother or her family.

There was one story that my mum passed on from her mother (my gran). Her mother (my gran) had a dream where she went onto the front porch to look at her kids playing outside. There she was surprised to see a lady in a red sari but with dark skin. Not black or dark brown as some Bengali people can be. But a unnatural dark coloured skin. This lady then turned to my gran and told her not to worry. She won't harm the children as "they're my children too."

This dream scared my gran but she did think that lady 'protected' her children. It could be why the one that took over my mum's friend didn't get attached to my mum.
Are you sure Dumi didn't do something to you?

There are people from that area of the world that practise black magic. Especially to get someone to love or be with them. This in turn can open up other possibilities such as demons coming in and doing what they like when the person who commanded them to do something is seen as weak.
To be honest, I am not sure if they know it is a horse. They said it sounded like a horse galloping and that caused the house shaking. I remember this story amongst others my mother had told me. I thought this might be interesting as it is different to the others she had told me.

I did think there might have been a mini earthquake, maybe planes flying above (civil war that led to Bangladesh's independence) or something else. But its one I can't think of a logical explanation without another question coming up.

I will post other stories.
I can safely say there aren't any volcanoes. And wouldn't others also feel it? The house they stayed in is about 5-10 minutes walk away.

I can't really say much. All I know is all three uncles of mine have confirmed it happened.
Date: 2013-05-01
Couldn't it be that your mind was playing tricks on you?
You were young, the statue looked creepy and as we can see with eyes in pictures and such, they something feel like they are following you.
Date: 2013-04-27
Have you kept in contact with Nikki and spoke to her since?
Has she suffered anything since the closing of the board?
Your story was a good read. I'll be honest and I am a skeptic. I've heard many stories (from my own mother and her family members from the 'home country').

Before we conclude to the supernatural we need to rule out the natural.

How was the weather then?
Was the haze clear enough for you to identify it as a man?
Were you sure it wasn't actually a real thing that wasn't clear in your site?
How awake were you and your mother at the time?
You both mentioned you were scared, do you think this had an effect?
Have you and your mother spoken about that event since?

These are just some questions someone can ask. For example, lack of sleep and stress can cause people to see things that are not there. The fact that both of you saw it while in sort of the same state won't be much for a skeptic to conclude this is really the supernatural. Also, the fact that you were young comes into play.

Please understand, I am not saying your story is a lie or what happened didn't. I am just asking these questions to rule out the natural. Other posters on here jump and reinforce the OP without having them step back and reexamine it.
You said you lived in a basement. Before we conclude it is the supernatural, we should try to rule out the natural first.

For a starter, here are some questions. You don't have to answer any of them. But if it is any of them, they could have an effect. The human mind is very complex too, so it could be something natural than supernatural.

Did you check for molds, gas leaks, etc? Have you been stressed recently?
Have you been sleeping well?
Are you on any medications?
Do you suffer from migraines?
Are you epileptic?

I am a skeptic, even so I am open to the supernatural. I just want you to rule out as many natural possibilities before concluding it was something supernatural. Sites like this can be great for finding out about the weird happenings and how people deal with it, but sometimes I feel the posters jump in to reinforce what the poster already feels instead of having the poster step back and reexamine what they had experienced.
Date: 2013-04-26
If you have the video of this, I'd like to see it.
I kind of hate it when people say they caught something on clip but never really back it up.
You have written this excellently. I will look forward to reading your other stories.