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Shadow Man, Demons, Possession? on 2013-05-06

I have always been quite sensitive to the paranormal. The first story that I would like to share is one in which happened to me about 7 or so years ago and still concerns me. I am 26 now, married with an almost 2 year old, and another on the way. When I was 18 and in college I met a man from Sri...

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Vsangels- my thoughts exactly. I know that demons cling to the weak and weary and I know he knows this too. Ugh. He just sickens me. Thank you all for your wonderful support!
OK I am going to try to address all the questions asked here but it may take me a few tries!
One suggestion that really stuck out to me was that dumi possibly drugged me. I have never thought about that and that could absolutely be. He is the scum of the earth and I wouldn't put anything past him. That sounds like something he would do. Either to just plain old scare me and advance whatever agenda he had set out for me, to weaken my spirit or just to plain old weaken me to allow whatever evil he had in store for me.
The crosses were blessed by catholic priests so he says. One other thing about that is after oh I don't know, weeks or months I finally dumped the oil into the toilet and threw the crosses away. Being a strong christian I was weary of doing so but I became convinced there was something off about them. All activity stopped. Maybe this was a head thing. I'm not sure.
Someone mentioned that he seems Looney extreme christian. While I give you the Looney, his other comments about Satan and chants and other weird stuff make me think he couldn't truly believe in what the Bible teaches- well expect maybe about Satan being a fallen angel and that side of stuff.
Another question is if I'm involved in a church and have support there. Yes. I do. I went to a Christian high school and college, been on many missions trips around the world and very involved in church activities. I'm surrounded with great support. Also to clarify, I'm not like a fundamentalist Christian or anything like that. Just very involved but also very non judgmental and "in this world"... Not off in the clouds if you know what I mean.
But yes about counseling I've been very well taken care of in this area since my experience being with dumi. I was diagnosed with PTSD from all this (well not this ghost-possession thing since I haven't brought it up, but the abuse) and receive great counseling. My current husband knows about everything and is extremely supportive. He's amazing.
This horrible man was just... Awful. Hell bent on breaking me. I mwan- *trigger* he would set me up for rape and then blame me for it. Twice. Don't ask how that happened becausw its a whole other story in itself and very hard to talk about but this is the kind of guy we are talking about here. I have no clue to the extent of what he was/is capable of.
Wow! Thank you all for the comments! I haven't read through them all yet, but what to quickly point out that dumi has been out of my life for about 8 years now. I have been through a lot of counseling over the abuse I suffered at his hand, but really haven't brought up this experience with my therapists. OK back to reading the rest!