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My Sisters Haunting, What Is This Entity? on 2013-05-06

I am writing this in worry of my sister, and first of all I'll give you a background on her. She is 21 years of age. She is your average girl, friendly, never done anything out of the ordinary or edgy. A few months ago she started working in a department store, which I recently learned was built ...

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hey guys, sorry I haven't been active much as I have been busy studying for my exams (finsished tomorrow, phew!)
Well something very creepy just happened... To me this time.

Just a few minutes ago I was in my sitting room, it was about 11:30 pm and pitch black outside. I was studying at the dining table which is right next to a big window and I heard some tapping on the glass, thinking it was just some leaves or an animal I got back to work.
But there it went again, my mum was out so I thought she might have been her asking to get in. I squinted to look and from what I can recollect I saw four claws. Tapping on the window right in front of my face. Now I love in ireland so it wasn a grizzly bear pr anything. And also, I don't think it was an animal as the third time (seconds after this) it happened, it tapped on the end of the window which is a good few metres away from where it originally happened, and then a second later it tapped in front of me again. Any ideas? Nothing else has been happening to my sister by the way. May I also add the tappig was reasonably high, too high for a dog and I checked outside wth my dad afterwards, nobody there, no animals no tree branches: (thanks x
hi guys, thanks for the feedback I really do appreciate it!
Valkicry, sorry that I was not clear enough:)
It was a low cut dress in the back, and she felt a scratch, a very noticeable one and as this alarmed her she aske her friend who she was with if there was a scratch, who confirmed it was, I also saw the scratch.

Thank you so much everyone! And also any questions please feel free to ask:)