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I am a tarot card reader and have been featured in media and have been associated with number of events. I have been doing mail consultation as well.
I am intrigued greatly by mysteries and suspense.
I have had my share of paranormal experiences and those experiences brought about my spiritual awakening. Now I try to help those who are being subjected to same torture by paranormal entities and counsel them to strengthen their spiritual powers which God has bestowed on us.
Only one thing needs to be kept in mind all the time come what may God loves us and He is around us all the time.
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Prelude To Paranormal Activities In 2013 on 2014-05-28

Though I have already shared my experiences of paranormal which happened with me in 2013 the incidents I will share with you in this story where basically small isolated incidents which happened with me 2011 onwards. Finally these little things became a full blown attack on me about which you are al...

End Of Paranormal Activities on 2014-05-26

I have already written two stories about my paranormal experiences earlier. Due to the guidance provided to me by the "YGS" readers and Grace of God my problems did get resolved and I am again united with my husband. But before this I had to go through a turbulent spiritual journey. As I have tol...

The First Encounter With A Ghost on 2013-06-19

This story dates back to 2002 winters. I was then 19 years old. My dad got transferred to Patna, Bihar. Mine is a small family. I am the only child of my parents. At that particular time I was also in a long distance relationship. It was my first love. We had rented an apartment. It was a beautiful...

Paranormal Experience Since Feb 2013 Part 2 on 2013-05-27

I will now continue with the next series of incidents. As I told in my last story that I literally stopped sleeping in my house. I would go to my aunty's house at night and would come back early morning. However, after 4 days of the last incident, another incident happened but in broad daylight. ...

Paranormal Experience Since Feb 2013 Part 1 on 2013-05-27

To begin with I must share that I am a tarot reader since I was 14 years old. I have always felt myself sensitive to energies around me. This includes people and the vibes they give to me. What I am going to share with you have happened since February. The last experience I had was on 19th May 2013....

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Date: 2017-11-05
kxoshblog -pls share your email id on your profile to get in touch with you. You are also advised to see a medical practitioner for your issues.

[at] Sahaji- Good that your sister had safe delivery. The tree absorbed the negative energy of the sad incident that caused disturbance to your sister...
Date: 2017-06-25
Pls visit Gali Anjenya temple... Its very powerful... Get the thread and ask priest to bless you and your mom... I have had recent experiences and every night I wear the thread I have peaceful sleep... Will be sharing my story soon... 😁
Date: 2017-06-25
Hi visit anjenya temple... And get the thread from there which your mom cn keep with her wen she is travelling...
Date: 2017-06-25 are living in which part of the country. May be I cn suggest some help.
Date: 2016-10-28
Hi Ashraf, I have travelled on this road and it can be dark and deserted at night. I have heard spooky stories about this highway and Coimbatore ooty highway as well.
Regarding the man whom you gave lift I think its your intent that made him bless you with protection of jinn. You gave him lift with pure intentions. Though I am Hindu I believe in jinnats my grand mom used to tell me their stories as kids. They are very powerful entities and to be respected. Regards
Date: 2016-10-28
hi harsha, I really liked the story... It reminded me of my summer vacations with my cousin sis and all the naughtiness we did.:)... I am happy you guys managed to get out of the sticky situation and got the lesson of listening to your parents...:)
hi sweet sunshine its saddening to know you lost your grandparents in such fashion and this is indeed very scary too. Hope your family has moved out of that house.
Date: 2016-10-28
hi Biblio, the story was indeed interesting. You are a wonderful writer have a distinct style. Hope to get some bestsellers from you in future.:)
hi Meghna, scary story. I have heard many stories of paranormal experiences in Mumbai though its bustling with life. I would suggest that you read Hanuman Chalisa before you sleep. Its very powerful. And dogs are man's best friend. Loads of love to all your canine friends.:)
ya Vikram, I think so... As soon as I left my job things stopped for a while and then restarted towards 2012 end.
Date: 2015-10-08
is it happening because of high emf around. Check for some wires and cables behind the cabinet. See if there are plugpoints, switchboards. Also You can do one thing close your eye and visualise a white light covering you from head to toe and make an affirmation that only God and His angels surround you there are so many angels around you that the spirit doesn't even have space to stand around you. That you Love God and only the angels and spirits who love God can be around you. No body else is allowed. Also thank God and His Angels for protecting you and being around you all the time... Nothing will touch you if you get this in your mind and heart... This works.
Hi Rahul, I know I am late in here. Your experience is disturbing and I know how much it must have affected you. First of all I would love to know how are things with you now. I agree with rookedygin that a lot of the incidents might be happening as an outburst of your negative energy. As per your narrative the things started becoming more violent after you showed anger. I have done some basic research on the subject as I had once been subjected to experiences of similar nature. Try not to show anger stress or sadness when you feel this entity is around even if you start feeling it naturally try to ward it off. Because these feed off these emotions it is there charging point. Notice if things have been deteriorating in your life after you have moved in this house all the stress. Keep Hanuman Chalisa with you. Read Bajrang Bann before going to sleep. Play Hanuman Chalisa Gayatri mantra in full volume in your room. Have faith in God and feel strongly that God will let no harm come to you and his angels are around you to protect you all the time. Imagine you are in circle of white light protected all these spiritual energies cannot enter this circle. These are tried and tested things and will surely help you. Better still if possible change the house. Do keep us updated.
Date: 2015-07-18
Hi sushant isn't this the same time when your other relatives who have passed away made their appearance to your family members.?
You are definitely a noble soul this is why paranormal encounters happen with you because you are medium of God to help these lost souls.😊
Hi sushant hope you are doing well now... This definitely has a reason because it has happened to different members of your family and spirits of different members have been seen. You should get proper pujas done during pitra paksh. Ofcourse spirits have been good and harmless to your family may be they are protecting your family. But appearing in physical form is not easy for spirits so they doing that has deeper connotation. As far as witchcraft is concerned there are symptoms through which you can find whether it has happened or not I have myself suffered from it hence I have acquired knowledge on the subject if you wish to discuss that you can mail me on pragyaprasad12 [at]
Date: 2015-07-18
Beautiful and inspiring story. I wish if we all start behaving in this responsible and humane manner world would be very different. I congratulate you for being human the way we are supposed to be and I hope one day I am also able to follow your foot steps. 😁
Hi I liked the first part but this one cast a shadow of doubt on both the parts. First of all a 8 year old going for trekking to Himachal Pradesh...well...ahem... 😐 with a 17 year old group leader who is sleeping in a tent... And there are 60 kids in all... Without any adult supervision... To tell you the truth the trekking company's license can easily get cancelled for such negligence...
Its too far fetched and unreal... This forum is for real stories. There is respect for people who have been through some painful paranormal experience. The sanctity should be mentioned and decorum maintained... 😐
Hi Abhijeet, indeed you should thank God for coming out unscathed from the experience. It seems more of a demonic entity rather than a normal spirit to me. Spirits can become demonic if they have an agenda though. The forests of Himalayan belt are ancient and there are many folklores about the forest demons and spirits lurking behind trees at night. Also there had been many eye witness accounts of haunting by spirits of soldiers all over the world including India. 😁
Date: 2014-07-13
Amazing story... And scary one too... Probably the little boy died in some nearby area. Try to find out. And do keep us posted... 😊
Date: 2014-07-13
Quinny that's really nice to hear. STay strong and positive...:)