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Haunted Cat on 2013-05-13

I am 17 and live on a farm in New Zealand and have recently had a stray cat show up at my house and made its self at home. My mum took the cat to the neighbours to see if it was their's and she got told it was his flat mates cat who had died the week before. I saw the story in the news paper and he ...

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Date: 2013-09-05
Thanks for all the help, I think you may right about the electrical problems and cat coming at the same time may have just been a coincidence and since the post not much had happened so I think whatever was happening has stopped now.
I've read all 3 of your entries and it is so interesting, it feels like I'm reading a good book haha, anyway I hope you find out what's really happening and it doesn't get any worse, I'm looking forward to the next entry and hope it turns out well