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Things Happening To Me And People Around Me on 2013-09-02

Let me begin with the things that happened in and around my ex house. My ex's parents had a dog and there was a certain room upstairs that when he (the dog) was in the room he couldn't come out! You would hear him walk and whimper since the room had a wooden floor and the landing upstairs had normal...

Is It My Imagination Or Am I Hearing And Seeing Ghosts? on 2013-05-13

I've been looking around on this site for some time and I want to tell you guys about things that have happened to me mostly in the house where I live now for the last 16/17 years. I am 28 now and we moved to this house when I was 11 years old (December 1996 if I am not mistaken). I moved there w...

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Date: 2013-10-28
this story was really scary! You're brave for moving back there! Have you ever done any research about the house, especially the basement since most of the things happened there? Please keep us updated!

And lady-glow thank you for that cleansing ritual!
Date: 2013-09-16
am I the only one wanting to know what a six year old kid is doing up at 2 am? It's kind of hard to believe for me but hey who am I to judge...
Date: 2013-09-16
this is a good story, i'd love to see the picture! But I also wonder how you invited that thing in the room?
Thank you for your comment battlescars! First of all no I don't live in that house, its from the parents of my ex boyfriend. But I do know that they were the first people to live there and that it used to be a park or woods. Second of all is that I also don't know the history of my best friends house but its built not long after the second world war and was for people who worked for the textile factories overhere...
Date: 2013-09-02
ghost can be very vocal at times... What is the history of your grandmothers house? Is it old, is your family the first family that lives there? I loved the story 😊
Date: 2013-09-02
i think you got scared and blacked out, but somehow managed to get into your car and stayed blacked out for a good while. I would be scared too!
Tank your SDS for your comment,

We are the second owners of the house and we knew the previous owners, no strange things. As far as I know I'm the only one who sees these things in my family, but I also have sensitive friends who have felt things too and my fiancee has seen things. I'm not scared anymore i've learned to live with it and I do talk to them from time to time 😊

I've seen things in other places too like a tree where they used to hang people, my ex boyfriends house and a park where I live close to.
Hello Wishfulnull,

Thank you for your help 😁!
Well all the houses are connected and we're on the end of the block so we only have 1 house connecting to ours, at that time there was an elderly couple living there so no kids and it was late at night so no one outside!

Now I moved rooms I don't have that nightmare anymore so I think it was the room or something. We are the second owners of the house so as far as I know nothing strange happened there before we moved in.
Did you do a backround check on the Inn? Maybe something happened there? And it could also be bad wiring or something if its an old building. Loved the story though and I hope you can find an solution!
Kariorit...i guess youve never made any mistakes in your life, you must be the perfect human being than! How is your comment helpfull or anything in this case? 😠

OT: I really liked this story 😊 it was sweet how the boy took care of your son, that shows to people that not all ghost are evil!
I loved the story! It was good to read that you went out to investigate instead of assuming it was a ghost LOL 😁
Love the story! Its good to hear you didn't assume anything and just went out to investigate 😁
Date: 2013-05-13
like the others already said, it sounds too much like a short story or something... Just hard to believe...