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What Was The Little Boy I Saw? on 2013-05-14

This is completely new to me and really want your opinions on what you think. Last night I was lying in bed and reading as usual using my phone as the source for reading articles etc. It wasn't too dark as there was a light on further down the hall way and also the light of phone lit up the area ar...

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Date: 2015-09-20
Where abouts in nz? Would be interesting and beneficial to look into any history. Cool to see another kiwi here 😊
Girlie- The house is only 4 years old and we're the only owners so no history on the house, the land it is built on was subdivided and new houses built on to it, the land originally belonged to a large house built in the 20's which later got subdivided into three sections. I do not know any history on the land.

Sds- Thank you for your feedback, yes it did happen on the 13th of May which was a day after my birthday (does the date have some relevance?) I have not seen the little boy again but I do feel as though their is a presence around, however I do not know if it is because of what I saw and am over thinking thinks. One thing though I have noticed is that my mood has been a lot more irratable lately when home I am more snappy and annoyed at things than I usually am, I am under no extra stress and nothing has happened for my mood to change. This started about a week or so before I saw the boy, and only when at home. Thank you for commenting I really appreciate the feedback and advice as this is all very new to me.
Thank you for your kind comment Amie 😁

WishfulNull- Thanks for the feedback, yeah I completely understand about the dark shape I saw being my eyes adjusting, however though it was small it was about the size of a tennis ball, which I haven't experienced before but yes your explanation does make sense. The boy was definitely what freaked me out, I can still picture him smiling. I had not long gone to bed and was not sleepy at all, I actually had my 8year old daughter asleep next to me as she did not want to sleep in her own room and had not long got her to sleep before I started to read. I do believe this was just a passing through experience as you said. Thanks again for your feedback I really appreciate it 😁. Kel