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Strange Sounds And Opening Doors on 2013-06-11

June 8, 2013 - I apologize in advance for how disjointed this is. I'm not wasting any time before I post this. I've been reading many stories on this site and I've been trying to be as rational as possible but this just can't be explained. It may sound silly but it was enough to send me runnin...

Running Out Of Options on 2013-05-20

So I came across this site by chance but think I'll give this a shot. If anything it may just make me feel better sharing my experiences. First of all I'm 21 and I always try to find rational explanations for everything but for somethings I just can't explain. And at this point, even after moving...

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Hi Kiego,

We've lived in this house for around 3 years. The strange noises and eerie feeling have been there since day one. The doors opening on their own is more recent though (as is the voice that spoke to me). Actually, more strange occurrences have been taking place since my siblings moved out that are a bit disturbing.
Date: 2013-06-05
This sounds really creepy, maybe you could talk to the daughter and ask her more about what she meant by "little demons" and about her experiences in the house. She spent more time there so she may know something you don't.

I hope all is well.
Date: 2013-06-01
[at] badjuujuu: ps they are not a daily thing for me, I know how serious they are and wish I'd never seen a single one but unfortunately for me I had to whitness several.
Date: 2013-06-01
[at] badjuujuu

I saw my first exorcism when I was a child. We were at a monastery and it was being performed on a relative of mine. As I was very young I was told to go outside and play, I wasn't supposed to see anything but I got curious as to why all the adults were in a room and crept up to the door to see what was happening. I saw it from behind the door but no one knew I was there until later.

"Dark magic" is common here and people cast spells that you need a religious figure to break. As one of my relatives had a powerful spell cast on them I have whitnessed their exorcism many times. As you need to go to a religious figure to do this, you find other people there for the same reason so I see some other things as well.

As for me, I have never (thank God) been possssed, but my mother was worried someone might have cast a spell on me so had me visit these religious people who performed a prayer but then told me I was fine and that the things I whitnessed (dark shadows, chocking etc.) is a test of faith.

[at] biolizard187: It started out as a joke, I was reading about auras but was very sceptical. I tried to see if I could actually see anything however (just by focusing) and got scared as I realized I could see different colours around different family members. To be honest it scares me and I try not to notice them anymore.