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A Little Lesson on 2013-05-29

This is one of my Dad's experiences and he's given permission for me to share them. If you ever go to a country with Chinese traditions and practices, you would not be surprised to see the locals burning incense paper (so called hell paper money). These are burned for a variety of reasons but mos...

Chalet Incident on 2013-05-29

Came across this site and decided to share some of my experiences. A little something about me: I've been living in Singapore all my life and believe I was spiritually inclined when I was younger but has since tuned most of my sensing abilities out as I grew older (mostly due to my late grandmother...

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Date: 2013-06-26
The traditional view is that the spirits would take offense if you disturb their offerings intentionally or when they are "eating/collecting" the offerings.
We have a chinese saying that goes something like "those who are ignorant, have no blame" but it's safest to just apologize immediately if you happen to accidentally disrupt the offerings.
We have this practice out in the field too, when we have to take a leak in the great outdoors, we generally say an "excuse me" to the tree, rock, etc before doing our business just in case something is residing there.
Date: 2013-06-23
Thanks for the info! I've read about it before just didn't know the term "nocebo".

You know how angsty some teens are, its hilarious for me tho when I picture my dad in that way

My grandparents are the traditional chinese folks. According to my Dad, they were undecided whether to punish him further by caning. In the end they decided that he was punished enough by the pain and took him to see a temple medium. Who gave him one of those chinese tailsman that you are supposed to burn and mix the ashes with water and drink it down 😭
Date: 2013-06-19
Thanks for commenting!
[at] valkricry I agree with your opinion since we usually see spirits that that take the form of our religion and influences
[at] elfstone that's the "mind over matter" thing right. That could be the cause too but oh well, it's pretty cool either way. After all respecting our beliefs and the unknown is the best path