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My Six Paranormal Experiences on 2013-06-11

I love reading Ghost Stories in this site. I want to submit my story, but there was a problem, because of the unreal stories submitted by the other teenagers, but mine is real. I could sometimes see, hear, and feel ghost. My dad too. This all happened when we moved into a subdivision. First: Whe...

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Date: 2013-07-14
[at] valkricry

Yes. I realized that after I commented here, sorry... 😊
[at] mamachong

No, my cousin was upstairs. I just thought it was him, because sometimes he's there. I also asked him, but he said '' no ''... 😊

[at] Amie_16

Sometimes my mom, dad, sister also experience paranormal things in this house. But that's another story to post. This house is haunted, but when I started to pray more often I don't experience this things anymore 😊... But everytime I take a picture at night, I caught orbs, many...
[at] valriky

1st: Oh no no, I said when I was 5 years old I saw blahhh... Then I said I experienced this when I was 9-11 years old, that is for the second story, sorry I'm not a good story teller 😊...

2nd: No, I really checked it...

3rd: No, it was closed before we go to sleep, and I also asked my brother and he told me he didn't wake up that night...

4th: Yes.

5th: Maybe?

6th: My question is I wish to know more about portals:) ... Thanks for the advice too! 😊
[at] Kiego

Thanks for the advice 😁...

[at] Amie_16

Maybe it was a dream, but I'm really awake that time =)
Date: 2013-06-14
Ohh, creepy, If I we're you I would run, because the first thing that would pop in my mind that it's a ghost.

And can anyone tell me please? I posted my Ghost Story, but I can't see it. It's like I didn't post it, but I did. Thank You:D... 😲 😉