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Renan Yuji
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I'm a brazilian born in Japan, so be warned: my english is still on progress...

My experiences are only fews, but still it's unforgivable.

If you guys want anything about Japan's ghost experiences, tell me, maybe I can help something.
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The Cry In Okinawa on 2013-08-14

Back in July of year 2010, I had a trip to Okinawa, located on south of Japan with Tokyo's diocese's teenage Catholics and few Fathers too (and yes, I'm Catholic, but don't judge me by the religion...). To be remembered: Okinawa is one of the places in Japan which had suffered the consequences of...

The Strange Shadow And The Rumors on 2013-06-03

When I was a senior high school student in Japan, where I was born and lived my entire life, I was in the Orchestra Section. The school itself looks recently renovated (Note: the school begun at closely 1956). One day, after a whole day of studies, I went to the Orchestra Section's training room,...

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Date: 2013-08-26
To everyone who leaved comments:

Thank you, all of you for the comments.
Like it or not, it's regardless to say that the Okinawa is a beautiful place with a tragic history of war and death.

Like some people said: the place has gone a residual haunt. When I was in Okinawa, I can't help but worry about it's past and, somehow, strange feelings.

I mean, I consider myself calm, and even my parents (father and mother) says the same thing (they always tell to me to be more faster...), but, back in there, it's only worries in my head...

And to be remembered: I'm the only one there who heard the crying voice. And I asked to everyone there if they made or heard a cry (and when I say everyone, it's EVERYONE), but the answer of everyone was: NO...

But before somebody wants to go such a place, be advised:

Remember: tons of people has died whatever the place is, and it's spirits is still around. That means that can be a ghost over there, searching for a person who understand their pains, and even can be a ghost that have nothing but HATRED, RAGE AND REVENGE too. Just don't try to do any "funny" things. If you do something careless, it's going to be really dangerous for your life and to the living people around you. I swear it.

It hurts for everyone, even for living people and even for "dead" people too...

Sorry for the arkward warning, but I have to do that...
[at] darkassassin92:

Well, I think it's possible. I saw a video on youtube that's on a japanese scary talk show which talk about paranormal experiences, psycho, and even daily "fails" that makes chills...

Back to the line: in the video, the person who was talking on the moment talked about a story of the friend (call him A) of his friend (call him B) has been possesed by a ghost and almost died.

But when A asked to the B "Do you remember what you're doing exactly now?", B said "No, just a huge blank in these moment. I cant' remember anything..."

And one more thing I remembered:

On the same show on the upper line, the main person talk something like this:

"Dreams happens when the person had a experience. For example: you're running from a murderer and you think that you'll die, but then you survive and wake up from the nightmare. That's because you didn't experienced the death."

Conclusion: it's possible the people forget their near death experiences, even on the dreams.
[at] darkassassin92,

Do you remember exactly if there's a sensor on the toilet? Because on my case, it was a old push-button toilet. If the toilet flushed, things on the moment was certainly worse than I think...

And one more thing that is interesting is the season: SUMMER.
People in Japan says that the summer is the "season of the ghost" (the truth is: people see ghost every season, but mostly in the summer, because of the rainny season), and, yeah, it really is.

I've always watched tv shows about ghost and it's always on the summer happens mainly. One omre thing that I noticed is: ghosts seems to like the place with water: Lake, River, Temple, and rainy days etc.

Anyway, try to remember and reply me, will you?
Maybe I can figure it out what just happened.
[at] valkicry,

One thing I just remembered:

I'm not sure about U.S.A's hospitals, but there was a lamp with a cover written: "now using" above the entrance of the Orchestra's training room.
And the surgery room of the hospitals in Japan have almost same thing, written "surgery on progress".

It's the same thing on your country?
[at] jatin,

I thought about that possibilitie, but the window itself can't reflect much to make a 100% visible shadow.

Even the mirror of the toilet can't show much outside's view and besides, the whole position of me, the toilet's entrance, mirror, window of the side corridor...

Thinking about the situation, it's impossible.
Hey valkicry, thanks for replying 😊.
I think the google translate didn't worked well...
Let's make this easy...

The hospital itself has closed for "money reasons". And the rumor about suicide or dead people there looks real...

That's all I remember now. And I already noticed: to be a high school building, the structure was really strange. I felt bad feelings sometimes over there... 😕