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More on my Apartment on 2007-10-04

Some of you may have read some of the articles I posted in the past regarding my apartment. Well last night I had something happen that was really creepy. I was in bed sleeping and my wife was in the living room watching something mind numbing on E! or MTV. I had just fallen asleep and I heard a fem...

Our Apartment on 2007-07-11

Hi all, I have written in the past regarding my Father's death and his presence in my life. Well, this time, I do not think he has anything to do with it. My wife and I have been living in our first apartment for 5 months now. It's a nice place. It is on the first floor, has it's own entrance, an...

Dad's Help on 2007-05-17

Some of you may have read my first story regarding the events surrounding my father's passing in April of 2006. I had put so much energy and so much of my life into helping my father, along with my mom, get better and get to his appointments, that when he passed I suffered a nervous breakdown. I ...

Just Before His Passing on 2007-05-08

My Father passed away on 4/29/06. He was 77 and was suffering from COPD; that day his heart heart finally gave out. A few days after his death, I was talking to my sister-in-law and she told me that a few weeks before my Dad passed, the last time she had seen him, Dad called and asked how my niece w...

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Date: 2007-10-10
I did not bother getting the house blessed because I knew I would not be there much longer. I will take everyone's advise and have my next blessed. 😁
Date: 2007-07-17
Thank you all for commenting.

Our Dog is fine outside and he is OK inside as long as I am there with him... Just strange. Or maybe he just misses me when I am at work and I am just looking too much into it. But the sudden fear of the oven and smoke is just really odd. He won't come outside with me when I grill.

The catholic priest who married us was going to stop by to see how we were doing, he is friendly with my in-laws, but he has yet to do so. We just never got around to arranging a time. Since we will be out of there in a few months it may be a moot point. But I never thought of the blessing... Good advice.
That's interesting. My brother had the same type of issue when he first moved into his home, about 18 months ago. I know after awhile it stopped but, since we no longer speak, I am unsure if it ever started back again.
Date: 2007-05-21

Unfortunately, it did take some time to understand the dreams. But I am a stronger person now and when I have the dream occasionally still I am able to deal with it.
Date: 2007-05-21

It's a great resource having my Dad looking down and helping. However, I lost my flash drive again... I didn't ask him to help me find it. He would have told me I should have been more carful. :)
Date: 2007-05-17

Thanks so much for your comments. I know how much of a good person my Dad was and he was so tired and frustrated from suffering it does my heart well knowing he is where he belongs.

I am about to post another event that happened shortly after he died.
Date: 2007-05-10
Thanks Shane... I am going to post some more things that have happened. Spooky yet comforting. Father passed on 4-29-06 not 2007... Sorry for the typo.