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A Mother's Voice on 2013-06-11

Our family travelled to Hardanger fjord in Norway in the holiday several years ago. I was about 11 years when the incident happened and my younger brother was 7. I am 15 now. We stayed at an old house by the fjord. A house that in the past was a shop. The house contained many christian objects li...

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Date: 2013-07-19
thank you for great explanetions, I think myself that its like a mother to child "bond", thanks for interesting comments.
I had a similiar exeperience! But it was not unpleasant... Just very wierd and confusing. I was inside our holiday house playing with my little brother while our parents was fishing out in the lake, then we both heard mom call for us outside from the garden. She shouted our names with a happily voice. When we came out we saw our parents still fishing in the lake far away. Seconds later mom called me and asked if everything was allright. I think it might was our bond, like mom comunicated with us trough that. But in you're case seeing a 'ghost' of you're mother that's alive, seems very creepy.