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Where should I begin? I always hated doing these. Do I start out, "Hi, my name is Caleb/Nephylim, and I've been having experiences with ghosts and ghouls since..."?
I have been told that I am a natural story teller, I tend to go into too much detail. Saying that, the experiences that I share are all true accounts of my experiences with the paranormal.
I have grown up with a very spiritual mother and a Christian father, so I have had a good balance, I think. Though in my encounters I have always found that the spiritual has always been more effective than the biblical. Perhaps I just have more faith in Spirituality, perhaps they are two sides to the same coin.
I always try to look at things objectively, forming no opinions without first seeing all possible angles.

My paranormal experiences have by occurred at various locations and at various times of my life.
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My Last Investigation (with My Team) on 2017-04-25

Team: Founder/Lead Investigator - Nate Researcher - Lyza Investigator - Wynand Co-Founder/Investigator/Sensitive - Me *names of clients changed We were contacted by two sisters (Sherri and Nici) in their late 20's as they were experiencing some disturbing activity in the house they had rec...

Dirty Dancer on 2017-04-18

This occurrence took place in February 2017. In order for it to make sense to anyone reading it, I have to explain how I came to be where it happened. About 2 years ago my mother moved in to a cottage/cabin out on a "farm". It's more a of a plot of land really, with a main house built by the owne...

A Loving Father on 2017-04-13

Greetings All. Sorry for the long story, but there is a lot to tell. It's been quite some time since I last posted an experience on YGS but I've got some interesting (and heart warming) experiences to share. At the time of my last posts, a friend, Nathaniel (or Nate for short) and I had starte...

First Investigation: Conclusion on 2013-10-21

As per my post "First Investigation", I promised to write up the conclusion of our investigation once my team and I had had a chance to go through the evidence collected. Sifting through, all in all, around 24hrs of hand held video footage, E.V.P sessions and static cam footage, I must say that the ...

First Investigation on 2013-09-23

So, I am sure most of you have read my past experiences I have posted on this site. Since joining this site my interest in the paranormal has been rekindled and, as a result, I have joined a paranormal investigation team. We have recently been investigating a house in a small complex in my home t...

Enter The Guardian on 2013-08-19

As I have already said in my previous post, "Possession, Apparitions and Terror", I went through a period of my life where I had constant encounters with a being that I call the 'Shadow Man'. I would wake up every night with him sitting on the couch in my bedroom watching me. Whether it was him ...

Possession, Apparitions And Terror on 2013-06-18

The events I am about to reveal are extremely personal, so bear with me as I try to relive the most terrifying night of my life. (Names have been changed due to the sensitivity of the story.) I was 17 at the time, finishing my last year of school, when my brother, Sean (22 yrs), and his girlfrie...

The Night Of The Ouija on 2013-06-18

I have always been able to "feel". Since I can remember I have "seen", without my eyes, the creatures, beings and entities that are around us, whether it is a face in the paint on the wall or a shadowy figure in my room. I believe that everyone has some form of psychic ability. I believe myself ...

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Hi Fergie,

I definitely think that if we had followed our OWN rules and Nate had shielded himself or if we had waited until the full team could be present, things would have turned out very very differently.

I would like to say "All's well that ends well" but when dealing with the paranormal, as I am sure all of us here know, things do not always end well.

Thank you for the comment regarding my screen name. It is a story I have been told numerous times 😊.

She goes into much more detail when telling it about the things she was shown though. Maybe I'll write that up and post it to YGS, but it would be a second hand account.


Hey KikiGirl,

Where are you from in our beloved country?

No problem about the honesty, it is the best policy after all.

The name 'Nephylim' resonates with me too 😊.
There is a story attached to why I chose the name. Before I was born, my mother miscarried and was told by the doctors at the time that she would not be able to have more children due to complications of the miscarriage. A few days before she found out she was pregnant with me, she had a 'dream' that she was taken by a woman and shown many things. At the end of the dream, when she returned home, the woman put her hand on my mother's stomach and said, "here is a gift from the 'old man'" and pushed her hand into my mother's stomach. She told me that there was no pain, just discomfort. When she woke, she found her whole abdomen was bruised. At first she thought she had maybe bruised herself in her sleep. My father took her to the hospital to get checked and lo and behold, she was pregnant.

She used to call me her Nephilim, as in a child born of Angel and human. I don't believe that I am half angel, but when I was younger, I liked the idea. I chose Nephylim as my screen name as it brings very happy memories from my childhood to mind.

I say that if you want to do investigations go for it. Try and find as much information as you can and learn from others that have experience. That what I did/do. I am always learning and asking questions to better my knowledge.

Hi AugustaM,

Thank you very much for the kind words 😊

In my opinion, anybody that delves into the paranormal with a closed mind is just asking for trouble. It is completely foolish and arrogant to disregard another's beliefs.
That agent was what she was and I have to respect that. Some people just cannot or will not open themselves up to anything outside of their comfort zones.

As to future investigations, who knows, the Universe has a way of showing us the way.

Hi Tweed,

What you say is so true. The right people, the right energy and the right attitude make all the difference.

I take my home cleansing quite seriously. My 'spring cleans' are a bi-monthly ritual.

Thanks for reading 😊

Hi all,

Vala - I say, if that is your passion then go for it. Just take it from me (who learnt the hard way 😊) follow your rituals and protect yourself above all. Yes, it is a great feeling when you manage to provide that sense of relief to people that have been suffering but you must look after yourself first. There will always be that fear of bringing something home with you, that never goes away (at least it hasn't for me) but as they teach you in lifesaving, you first, then your "patient".

Spiritwaiting - thank you for the kind words. I truly believe that mistakes are a good way to learn about yourself. I am not ashamed of making mistakes and feel that my mistakes could help another not make the same ones. I'm still in two minds about joining or starting another team. It is quite costly to get equipment and as I don't believe in making money off of another's misery or misfortune, it would all come from my pocket.

Beautinside - my sentiments exactly.

Rookdygin - glad you enjoyed it. I have to confess, after concluding an investigation, I would use your cleansing and shielding method in the clients home as I tried it in my home and had much success with it. I spoke to the priest and he said that he prefers to direct the spirit/entity to the light and love of God.
I have always done follow-ups with our clients (the ones that I actually deemed to have real paranormal occurrences). The sisters have not had any further experiences and undertaken to cleanse the house every so often.
Nate has not had any further problems either.

I also do not know what type of entity this was. I hate throwing the word Demon around as, although this entity carried with it a very dark energy, it did not show itself to me so cannot say for certain. It was a very negative entity but I lean towards a tortured and twisted soul.

Wishnot - this is a question I would very much like an answer to. I believe that in this case, the priest was able to ease it's suffering and point it in the right direction. Although I may not be a Christian, I don't deny that Christian methods work for some people.
Macknorton- As a team, the wins are shared and so are the mistakes and losses. It was a series of poor choices on both our sides. I'm just greatful that things turned out ok in the end. It could have been much worse.

Melda- you are correct, he no longer does investigations for the sake and safety of his family. Both of us became complacent and it was a hard lesson learned but learned none the less.

L_melba - thanks for reading it. Honestly, the majority of our investigations were misproven as paranormal. Out of fifteen investigations only 4 have I considered as paranormal so what you say makes sense.
Date: 2017-04-26
Hi Val,

Thanks for responding. I don't mind that my posts are shared at all. If my experiences can help someone else out there, I say go for it. I was more concerned that YGS posts get lumped in with what is clearly very badly written fiction (not that my writing skills are great 😊)

It sort of detracts from the account.

Date: 2017-04-26
Hi all,

Sorry to jump in here. I came across one of my posts from YGS on another website:


Is this allowed?

Hi vala,

Great job getting rid of the entity (from your lives at least).

I too have experienced an entity that seemed to follow me and I know the terror you felt. As with you and your siblings, it also took my strength of will (and a little help) to rid myself of it and it helps me to know that someone else out there has been able to do the same.

Good for you all!

Date: 2017-04-24
Hi BeautInside,

We still laugh hysterically about it all. Luckily it is not a very high powered taser 😆

Thanks for reading and glad I could brighten your day with my antics 😊

Date: 2017-04-22
Hi fellow YGSers,

Jenny - thanks for reading it.

Melda - I sum it all up as one big practical joke on his part 😆

As to the tazer... Not my best moment no. It hurt like a brother pucker! It took about an hour before I could walk properly again (I still think that he was laughing his arse off).

Both the owner and my mother say that they can feel him around from time to time, but nothing quite like that experience has happened again.

They have no plans on letting out the place. They're using it for storage and a drying room for the herbs.

Date: 2017-04-22
Hi there Macknorton,

You make an interesting point.

I took the disappearing items as being his way of trying to let her know he was around as most of the items that were moved to the spot under the bed were given to her by him.

1) the locket was his parting gift
2) the novelty pen was a random little gift from one of his trips
3) the book was from his collection that she kept as a keepsake.

There were a few items that, according to her, held no meaning between them though.

I also thought the shadow figure was the one thing that did not fit, but summed it up to another attempt at communicating but I could be wrong. It wasn't until that incident that she actually got scared. Up until then, she was just puzzled.

Thanks for the alternative take on it.

Date: 2017-04-21
Hi BeautInside,

Thanks for reading my post.

I got the sense that he was quite protective too 😊

According to Mary-Anne, he had reached acceptance by the time he passed.

The activity was definitely more focused on Aska than Mary-Anne.

Aska was not present when he passed and she took that quite hard. My gut tells me that it was more to ensure her that he was ok and to give her the closure of a "goodbye" than anything else.

As no further activity has been reported (I check on her from time to time) apart from the occasional smell of his cologne in the kitchen, I think he has passed on peacefully.
I also think that the occasional smell of his cologne could either be residual or just her. It was a very powerful experience afterall.

Date: 2017-04-21
Hi Melda,

Thank you for taking the time to read my account of the investigation.
For me, it is a toss up between the bed and the locket. I lean more towards the locket as that was a very personal gift he gave her before passing which had a very strong emotional attachment and as the locket mysteriously moved from her bedroom (I did not mention that during the interview, she had shown us the locket on the jewelry stand in her room) to the kitchen.

As to the location, we are in Cape Town.

No, we did not charge a cent. It was not about money but rather seeking answers to our own questions and experiences and helping whomever we could along the way.
Unfortunately we are no longer investigating as a group due to a dark entity that latched on to Nate during our last investigation and he chose to stop investigating for the sake of his family.

Date: 2017-04-20
Hey Katswhiskers - Have you yourself been blessed according to your beliefs? Sometimes spirits attach to people or items people carry with them.

Has anyone in your family that you were close to passed recently?

Try keeping a journal in order to determine or discern any patterns. You say that sometimes you feel that it is upset because the activity increases. By keeping a journal, maybe you can ascertain what is upsetting it, be it something you or your husband has done or is doing that it deems wrong. Or maybe it is an outside influence such as, and I'm just spit-balling here, the cycle of the moon, time of month, weather patterns etc. That is affecting it.

I hope this helps

Hi Daisy,

Please do not take my question in the wrong way but, apart from your Great Grandmother passing recently, is your family going through any difficulties at the moment?

I ask this as I have two theories and one relates to the above question.

Theory 1:
If your family is going through some kind of trouble, perhaps she is not passing to the other side in order to comfort and reassure you all as, from what I can ascertain from your post, your family is quite close. Perhaps she still feels the need to protect and comfort as she did in life.

Theory 2:
You may be experiencing imprints of your Great Grandmother throughout the house.

Has your family been in that house for long?
What does your "gut" tell you?

I am interested to hear your response.

LeavingSight - I tend to agree with the previous comments. I have had very vivid dreams that wake me in a cold sweat.

I also had a room mate that would talk very loudly in his sleep when intoxicated and even peed in his laundry hamper while sleep walking only to remember none of it the next day.

I am not judging you for smoking weed to relax or sneaking a drink, I only caution you, as the others have, to rather wait until you are older. We all do stupid things when in our teens (speaking from experience) that can have lasting effects.

If you rarely touch alcohol and decided to drink "half a water bottle" of vodka, what your mother witnessed does not surprise me. I knew a guy in school that, as a first time drinker, drank about as much as you described and ended up with alcohol poisoning. His speech sounded like another language and he did some very odd things before he was rushed to hospital where he literally died for 3 minutes.

Please be careful and rather wait until your body and mind can handle intoxication (does that time ever come 😆)

I'd add a Holy hand grenade for the real pesky critters like killer rabbits from Caerbannog 😆
Date: 2017-04-11
Hi there KatsWhiskers,

It sounds like you may possibly be a Spiritual Medium. The experiences you describe used to happen to my mother all the time.
It may be the same entity trying to get your attention or you could be picking them up along the way.
Mediums are like magnets for all sorts of otherworldly entities.

Do you feel threatened at all by these experiences at all? If so, find a way that works for you to protect yourself such as a talisman, shielding or cleansing (depending on your beliefs).

If you do not feel threatened and are curious to find out more, the only advice that I can offer is to set your boundaries, protect yourself and try talking to whatever it is.

I hope this helps in some small way.

A fellow Saffer.