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Floating Mist on 2013-06-17

The event I experienced took place sometime in June 2012 in Pennsylvania; I was living with my mother and her boyfriend at the time. The first time I experienced it was in my room while I was watching a movie alone. I was sitting in my office chair as I did every night, but on this night I saw som...

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I felt just as you described it. I couldn't do anything when I saw it and no one else could ever see it. I must have been frozen with fear because even though I wanted to scream and run I couldn't until it left. My story is actually a little bit different because you saw it on your wall, but when I saw it, it was hovering over my bed and was fairly big and it actually started coming towards me and it surrounded me, but it never hurt me, but it only surrounded me for maybe a minute, but it felt longer. When it disappeared I got the courage to run and tell my mother. I know what I was real and but I didn't want to believe it. Sometimes I felt as if it would observe me or watch me because it would just hover across the room...
Date: 2013-06-14
I have had a similar experience about a year ago. The only differences I had was that I was alone and I contentiously saw the mist or cloud, I never felt as if it would harm me, but I found myself quite paralyzed when I saw it. Although I have seen it I cannot tell you what it is or what it wants, I am just as clueless as you are... Hopefully it helps you though. 😁