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Experiences At Work on 2013-06-19

I have been reading from this site for quite a few days now, and finally I decided to share my story. I live in a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean called Malta. At the time that I had my experience I was 17 year old, now I am 21. I used to work in small cafeteria in the middle of...

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Date: 2013-07-29
To be honest I never actually listed the times, but it always happened at around the same time... 4 in the afternoon. Other minor stuff did happen too, but I never actually had proof that it was a spirit, for example some times we used to hear stuff falling in the basement, and something that happened often is to find the lights on, when we were more than sure that they we turned everything off the day before.

I never said anything to my colleagues for many reasons, first and foremost because I knew that she would have been afraid to stay alone in the shop. I didn't know that she experienced the same stuff that I did.

No, I never felt like I was being watched, I just felt the presence of someone coming into the shop. Sometimes it was so strong that I stood up to see if there was anyone behind the counter. 😕
Date: 2013-07-22

Actually I don't know the name of the palace... It's one of the many found in our capital. All I know that it's in a bad really bad state, and is used as a ministry by the actual government.

It was spooky... And I still get shivers when I remember. Obviously it was the last time I sat on those stairs 😕