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Demonic Voice on 2013-08-14

My name is Eimer! I live in Ower West Roscahill Co Galway. Two major things have happened to me. I'll start with the first one. 1. This happened when I was 14, 6 years ago. My brother and I were playing the PS2 really late, so about half 2 we decided to turn in. We were messing, hitting each ...

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Date: 2013-08-19
I can't recall anything happening the days surrounding it. But a week after my grandfater died, about 2 weeks after at about 5 in the morning I heard footsteps outside, I looked outside and I saw the figure of a fisherman walking about, it stopped and looked in the window at me then fizzled out.

Something I'm really used to is cups breaking on there own and pictures falling of the wall, its come to the point where I have to yell at the " thing " doing it, and of couse I seem crazy to my family. They don't believe that anythings wrong, but o can sense that somethings there.

Thanks for all yer comments, I would go to a priest, but I ament religious (but please don't say that's why this stuff is happening). I am an atheist so I won't be tuning to religion...

But please comment and let me know what ye think:) X