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Iris Hopman
I love reading, all kind of books and stories. Proud owner of a cat. Always trying to be busy.
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My Daughter Saw My Friend on 2017-11-02

One of my friends was sick of cancer. (I'm starting to hate that illness). We all knew it was just days left. She told me when I last visited her (together with my daughter who is 2yo) that she was preparing herself to go to a beautiful place without pain. We both cried and lauged and such. Then som...

A Couple From The Past on 2013-12-09

When driving from my house towards the railway station to pick up my boyfriend, I can choose several ways to go. One of those is driving along some industrial companies. Since this is the fastest way to travel (no traffic lights or roundabouts), this is my normal way. Hardly any people walk there an...

My Cats on 2013-09-04

To start with English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive my spelling or grammar mistakes. My now ex-husband had a cat when we started dating. An adorable fluffy cat named Blondie. I was really fond of her and took care of her together with my now ex for over 5 years. She would lay on the ...

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Date: 2018-01-07
<3 cats. They do visit after passing. Just read my story about my cat (s)
And thank you for letting me create this monument for my departed friend. Everytime I read my story I feel that it is ok, Okay to have experienced this and ok for sharing.
Thank you all for reading and adding comments. It made me cry to read your pains/losses/fears. And I'm also happy at the same point, we are not alone, and we somehow know our friends/family/loved ones surely are at a good place.
My daughter sometimes takes me by the hand (when we are hiking or just downtown) and says look mama look. And points something out. I cann't see a thing strange, so I ask her to go there and point and mostly she that says something like, ooh gone. Even in a pitch dark car, she did this.
Maybe because after 5 days of her birth she was on the etch of dying herself (born at 32+5 weeks. Maybe that made her more sensitive?

[at] Jubeele
My little girl never said anything again, no lego dropped anymore. When she sees the picture of my friend (it is standing on a shelf), she points sometimes and says lego lady. That is all she does atm (ooh and getting happy when I ask her to go to the toilet;) )
I had my cat visit me when she was no longer on this world. So a visiting cat is not strange.
And an electronic glitch seems a good thing for explenation since my computermonitor sometimes does the same strange things... Reading the internet and suddenly I hear radiostations while my cellphone is in the bedroom and could not interfere with the monitor.
Date: 2014-03-06
quote[And there was an old rumor in our street that during W.W 2 there was an uprise under the factory workers of the factory. This was somewhere around 1943. The Germans took drastic messures and executed some of the workers. Their bodies were supposedly dumped in pits containing caustic materials, so they could dissolve. I did find some articles about the uprise, and about the executions, but I did not find one article mentioning these pits.
However, the elderly people whom lived in our street during the eighties and nineties were confident that it had happened. So it is possible that there was a lot of negative energy near our house. But like I mentioned, this was a rumor...]unquote

Well rumors are worth to search for. I think that the negativity is to blame on this happening. The energy sounds stuck in the ground and then attached to the new houses.
Go and find the local (hobby) history department. Most of the time they have more info about the area than you can find by searching yourself. That is how I found out about the gallows and leprosehouse. And then check that at the archives, you will get better and more detailed info then starting in the archives.
Date: 2014-03-03
Hi there,
To keep it readable for all I will post in English although I'm Dutch.
Did you check out what was build there before the house was build?
To me things became clear when I found out that I lived in a gallowsfield together with my now ex. And why I feel so calm and hopefull now I live at a leprose-house field. I mean the field where the lepra people in the 1500 would live. Maybe you should try that, searching for the history of the ground!
Date: 2013-12-27
Thank you all for replying/ reading. Sorry for the delay in answering since flu en sinitus have taken 2 weeks of me (2 weeks of being tired and snotty).
Anyway I learned that the city I live in was bombed twice in the 2nd WW.
The area where I saw the couple walking was bombed first in I believe 1942. There used to be houses where people lived so maybe that is why the couple is walking there.

The second bombing was on the otherside of the railway. Around the end of the war.
Date: 2013-10-19
What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. While reading it the sun came peeping through the clouds so I feel very warm.
Date: 2013-10-04
Just discovered that Pickwick is licking the air where I dreamed Blondie was. They seem to get along now:-) that makes me a happy catmom
Date: 2013-09-23
Thank you all for the sweet comments. My moms dog also visited me once after she (the dog, not my mom) was no longer physically. But that story is not so sweet as this one 😆
Date: 2013-09-21
[at] BadJuuJuu, Blondie was a character. Afraid of a rabbit, but trying to protect me from a puppy 😊. We as in my ex and me still miss her strange acts.
And thanks BadJuuJuu and elfstone810 for the compliments. After posting I saw some errors in grammar but your compliments make me smile again.