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Ouija Board Surprise on 2013-12-10

My name is Naveen Pradeep and this is my 2nd experience I am sharing in this site. The experience that I am sharing now happened during the days after my graduation. My mom had the hobby of contacting spirits (only that of our close relatives) to seek answers during our hard days. She used a Ouija B...

Ghost House on 2013-11-25

My name is Naveen Pradeep and I would like to share my personal paranormal experience in the apartment where I stayed with my wife and 2 years old son (Sharjah, UAE). Friends, this is not just a story but a real experience. It was in 2011 that we moved in to the apartment and on the very first d...

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Date: 2013-12-24
[at] spiritwaiting & [at] bluemer04 - now I am working in Dubai, UAE and you know what, it was again my grandfather who told that I will be working abroad... In fact he even told the month as well.

[at] swimsinfire - even now that incident send chills down spine...

[at] hoppingcorpse - No offence at all. Actually I liked your comparison 😁 😜

[at] redwolf - that was the last time my parents used O.B Many of our relatives and friends kept telling us about the dangers involved in it and subsequently we stopped.

Date: 2013-12-09
qidz, the apartment is located in Al Nahda, Sharjah, UAE. I recently had a check and yes it's occupied.

Dos and Niks, by God's grace we are safe now.