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A 40-year Haunting And An Attack on 2013-12-23

In the comments of a previous story that I posted about an entity bothering me while on a religious retreat, several readers voiced their concern that I was involved in a cult and that this "thing" may be trying to warn me. While I don't know quite what to make of the group, I believe that this enti...

The Roger Williams Inn on 2013-12-09

About a month ago, my boyfriend and I went on a retreat in Green Lake, WI. We stayed on the grounds of a conference center, thankfully not in the building my experience happened in. I should explain that this was a religious event and that I have more than a few qualms about posting this here. M...

Strange Occurrences At My Parents' House on 2013-09-24

From the age of about four until I left for college, I lived with my parents in a house surrounded by woods. It wasn't that far back from the road, but just far enough that it was considered to be "in the woods". That alone was kind of creepy, but at least it was explainable. I should mention that m...

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The house my experience happened in was built in the 70s. I was only told about the other hauntings. This "thing" has been around my family for about 40 years. My experience with it happened in the early 2000s, when they'd lived in the same house for about 20 years already.

Sorry if that was a little unclear.
Date: 2013-12-21
The room was empty except for the two of us, and he was sitting in front of me.

No, I don't have anyone else to stay with. I know these people sound kind of bad, but one-on-one outside the group they're perfectly normal. I think everybody in this group is just afraid to disagree with the "fearless leader".
Date: 2013-12-21
Talked to my boyfriend about this. He disregards any cleansing methods. His preferred remedy?

"Come to church with me."

Don't think that's going to solve anything.
Date: 2013-12-16
Yeah, there are some people who think this group is rather cult-like. Every time somebody wants to organize or do anything, they have to run it past the leader guy. Originally, I was supposed to go to this think alone and my boyfriend wasn't supposed to be there. Apparently this was so I didn't "get swayed by anyone's opinion". But they ended up sending the chapter president with me. I don't actually know much of what my boyfriend was doing that weekend.
Date: 2013-12-16
Thanks. Maybe I'll try a cleansing or something when no one is around. I discovered that whatever it is seems to hate incense, so for the time being that's what I've been doing. It hasn't been back since the hair-pulling incident, though. Hopefully it's gone for good.

If I do any kind of ritual, it will probably have to be Christian. My boyfriend doesn't like Wicca/occult/Ouija board type things (not that I would mess with a Ouija board anyway). He claims to have seen demons, although not here. Whatever is here seemed intent on bothering only me.

And Swimsinfire, what do you mean by "troubling vibes"? Does it seem like they're hiding something? And to answer your question, yes I did have trouble before meeting them. A lot more than I do now, actually. A few of them prayed over me at this conference to "release me from my chains", whatever that means. Maybe that helped.
Hi, all...

To answer your questions:

Yes, my parents still live there. I don't. I moved away for college and live a long way away.

We were probably not the first people to live on that land... My dad once mentioned one of his concerns when the foundation was being dug was "unearthing a dead Indian" (nice guy, eh?)...when we moved there, this place was in the middle of absolute nowhere.

My dad denied existence of the paranormal because my grandfather (his father) was a sensitive and would tell me about things that he had seen. My father claimed this was pure BS. I meant to tie this information in with another post which I haven't gotten around to writing yet.

My parents don't seem to be bothered by any of this at all, but when I went back for a few days I felt like something was watching me all the time. I don't think they pick up on anything, and I considered it best at the time to leave well enough alone.