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Michael The Imaginary Friend on 2013-09-03

Michael was an imaginary friend that I interacted with from a very young age. He must have appeared at about the age of 4 and when I began to grow up I gradually mentioned him less and less. As my family are very strong paranormal and spirit believers, an imaginary friend was no surprise and they ac...

Grandparents Or Something Else? on 2013-09-02

As I live in England, I am not that far from London. My mum's friend (a huge Harry Potter fan like myself) had brought us tickets to the Studio Tour and I was sleeping round her flat the night before we went. Her flat (or apartment) is about 2 years old therefore is relatively new, so the occurrence...

Small Spirit That Was Never Born on 2013-08-20

This is the next set of inexplicable occurrences I have experienced. Following up from my last story that was published, you might want to read the other one to fully understand my family. Since those happened, we moved to a new house just around the corner in 2011 due to my mother falling pregnant....

Young Experiences on 2013-08-13

This is my first time writing on here, so I thought I'd explain some experiences of my own, but first I need to tell you about my family. My grandmother, mother, and I are strong believers in the paranormal, and my grandmother is a clairvoyant who would often, when I was younger, take me to her psyc...

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Swimsinfire no I haven't seen him since!
Lady-glow it wasn't that grandmother who had the scribbles over her walls. My mum's motherer is the clairvoyant, it was my dad's mother who this happened with.
The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the flat. I don't know why she thinks it, she told me that it sometimes happens and it was her theory.
Okay I am going to write this in a future publishing, but I just wanted to say that my clairvoyant grandmother runs meetings in which she invites the public and a medium who gives messages. My grandmother got a message saying that there was a grandchild in spirit that resides in the family home.
Now you're being nice? No thank you confederate ghost, and the house is less than 10 years old.
Why don't you get a medium come to cleanse the house? Do you feel like this is a harmful thing in your house?
Wow that's definitely creepy, I think if that happened to me I wouldn't of stayed in there for as long as you did. This is very good story-telling by the way, i've just got to add it to my favourites. A few questions though - were the taps you mention coming in 3's? Because noises or anything like that that comes in groups of 3 are normally to make a mockery of the the father, son and the holy spirit from a dark spirit.
And even though this happened a long time ago, are you aware of anyone else that lived in the house either before or after you? If so, would it be possible to contact these people/persons and ask whether they have experienced the same things you did?
Thank you Miracles, that means alot! I've looked at the other things he put and he is merely a troll.

Elfstone - that's a remarkable theory, and one that needs to be investigated I personally think. I guess no one will truly know until they pass on.
Date: 2013-09-02
This is fascinating, things like that have happened to me from an early age as well. Cannot wait for more of your happenings to be published!
I am very sorry for your losses of both your mother and grandmother, but this is a beautiful story and I'm glad you shared it. I like to think that this will eventually happen to me.
You say that the previous owner 'wasn't friendly and kept to himself' if he is staying in the house after death then maybe he is unsettled at the fact there are people living there. Do you feel like this spirit wants to harm you or is it merely something that you have all come to accept?
Valcricry- yes it is very curious as to what it is and either way something is here because you know when you can just feel it? It doesn't give off any bad energy which is why nobody in the house has bougt it up frther and we have all come to accept the happenings. As for your answer to ladyglow, I like that and it seems very possible! Thank you for reading.
Ghostrider123 - that's amazing!

Miracles51031 - thank you for the support, I must admit I found it hard to ignore him. Juat trolls who have no life.
ConfederateGhost I haven't and never will try drugs thank you very much. I don't appreciate your rudeness as I would never lie about something that is strongly a part of my family's beliefs. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything, bye.
Date: 2013-09-01
Did your friend mention that something like this had happened before more than once, or was it just the occurrence you mention she said that lead her to believe that her house was 'haunted'?
Lady-glow, I wish I could answer your questions but it all baffles me. Maybe as white is seen as a pure light and energy these spirits are seen as that. A child that was never born would have no exposure to any cruelty of the earth plane.
That is a very good question, personally I think that they keep the appearance they had when they passed on.
And the last one - this completely stumps me, I don't have a theory to that at all as I wasn't even aware something like this could happen.

Leslie81, thank ou for that I found it very helpful. It's interesting to know that I am not the only one who has had these experiences. Of course I feel no malice from this entity and my mother and I have come to accept it.

Thank you both for reading!
Date: 2013-08-20
Kally198 - I have already told my mum and she explained there's nothing to be frightened of.
Harrypotterrules-thank you ever so much!
MusicalJess23 -im very grateful to have this 'ability', and it's nice to be accepted on this website as I fear that if I was to mention it to friends they would pass it off as me being crazy.
Date: 2013-08-14
Lady-glow I never thought of it like that, it's good getting it from a different perspective, thank you:)
Date: 2013-08-14
Kally198 - I think it's amazing to be gifted with this sort of ability, but as stated in the entry these aren't the only occurrences. You'd think that after these I wouldn"t have any fear, I just can't get used to it!