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Night Study Turned Into A Nightmare on 2013-08-28

I am Sarim from the city of Karachi. This incident took place during my last semester of engineering (BS) in the month of November 2011, now I have passed out. Our semester exams were to start in a week, and we had this course Industrial Control Electronics which I found a bit difficult to unders...

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Whenever I get a chance to go to karachi next, I would try to pay a visit to the same house with my friend and let's see if we could convince them to let us stay overnight and place a camera outside.
Will surely update you guys too and share the videos as well I succeed in convincing the new owners. I hope we don't make the entity mad, (if it really exist there) by doing all this deliberately. 😆
Swimsinfire: Firstly I'm a Muslim and so is Ahsan's family, and I don't think that either Ahsan's family or mine have any such disliking or hatred towards listening to any sort of music. I am pretty positive about it that nobody from the neighborhood could get upto the second floor of the house and do all this banging throughout the night, since the house had been built in way that in order to get to the 2nd floor one would have to break the door lock in order to reach the staircase and we didn't find any broken locks as we descended the stairs.
lady-glow: The idea of placing a camera outside didn't hit our mind at that time. Secondly, it happened a couple of years back and i'm living in a different city now, plus Ahsan's family had moved to a different house 3 months after that incident so I don't really think the present residents of the house would let me stay overnight and place the cameras in their house.
And I'm pretty sure that it wasn't anyone from his family, why I think this way is that, the music we were playing was on our cell phones and volume wasn't loud enough to bother his family members downstairs or the neighbors.
Hi guys, thanks for your responses. First of all this is for the wonderful lady,lady-glow ❤ 😆
In real world, BS means Bachelor of Science and is very much related to engineering. I don't know what does BS means here in YGS 😆. Please enlighten me:.:p
Well guys, when we met Ahsan at the university on the examination day, this was the very first question we had asked him, like what the heck was that all about,sersiously? He tried to shrug it off by telling us that it might be somebody from his neighborhood playing a prank but I was sure about it, that it was not possible for anybody from the neighborhood to get upto the 2nd floor and do all that banging at the door, and that heated up door lock? Takes this question out of the equation, since one could bang the door with stones from the outside, but no way one could heat up the door lock.
There were no houses adjacent to Ahsan's at least for the next 400 yards on either side, but there were 2 houses on the opposite side.
Though Ahsan had tried to shrug it off, but there was no way we were going to believe his story. When we met him after the examination we insisted him to tell us if he and/or his family had experienced anything as such in that house. He told us that it was the very first encounter for him too, with that entity, since they moved into that house a couple of months ago, but he did tell us that his younger sister told them about hearing couple loud scream while she was listening to music at high volumes, (but no banging at the doors). She turned off the music, and came downstairs all freaked out and told her family about this incident, which nobody had believed.
And there is no tragic event that I know off, that might had happened there.