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Alrighty about me,

I am a dedicated wife and mother. My interest in the spirit world started at a young age. I grew up in several homes that housed spirits and the like, which peeked my interest in that world. After my uncles passing the experiences have become more common. I have a connection to the spirit world that I am still trying to figure out. I have recently lost a few more family members and have since been contacted by them in visitations. Exciting I know! My grandpa "Teddy" still visits from time to time. Thats my interesting life or just a small part of it.

I am a poet at heart, and have written over 200 poems in my own private collection. As well as published One book of my personal poetry and have started on two others. On an app called Wattpad. If you take an interest in that ask me about it and I will be more than happy to tell ya.
Ygs has given me a secondary home and a safe place to share my often terrifying experiences along with the warm and welcomed ones.

Thank you for reading
Sincerely Spiritwaiting
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Another Warning Of Caution on 2017-06-08

This is just another addition to the last experience I posted, about my resident spirit. Around 3 weeks ago, I met the mother of my kids friends, I got an uneasy feeling, and new I needed to keep my distance. It comes with being able to read people. New friends, they have just recently started ge...

Resident Spirit Giving Me A Heads Up on 2017-05-09

I have written some of the resident spirit in my home.It's a friendly one, and has quieted down a bit since my last cleansing. We have an understanding I suppose. But as of lately, I have noticed in quite a few incidents, that this one tends to warn me of things to come. On one occasion, durin...

The Cleansing And Shadow Man on 2016-11-22

This begins approximately a month back. My family and I have moved into this new home, in July of this year 2016. Nothing to scary, or terrifying, just small things I've noticed as well as my oldest son. The small things really started up around a month and a half after moving in. The shuf...

I Believe It May Be Curious, But Is It Harmful on 2016-04-19

I'm still not sure where to begin with this, because this is more of a continuing of the last couple of experiences I have posted here. The experiences are more frequent, and although I am not scared of what is in my home, my body says otherwise. As of lately I have been experiencing migraines, e...

Divine Intervention on 2016-04-13

I'm honestly not sure if this will make the cut, because it happens to be a dream turned into reality. So here goes. As of lately I have been driving my husband to work, because of his high blood pressure. The medicine he is taking tends to cause him to zone out a bit. And stay groggy for a few h...

Not Sure What Who/what This Could Be on 2016-03-21

Here's a bit of small information that will make some sense by the end of these happenings or maybe they won't, I'm still trying to figure it out. My sister and I talk frequently over the phone. About numerous things including supernatural happenings. They happen often to her, people she may be i...

Visitations From My Loved Ones on 2016-02-22

I will start with my grandmother's passing as this is important to my recent visitations. A week ago my paternal grandmother (my mother's mother) passed away. I learned of this through a phone call placed by my sister. She told me our mother was frantic, and to call her asap. I called a few momen...

I Believe Something Is Attached To Me on 2016-02-10

Here it begins in another new home. My family and I have just recently moved into another home, and all was fine until a few months ago. Subtle things would happen not entirely noticeable, until it started happening more frequently. Important items for every day use would come up missing, then re...

My Oldest Son And A Possible Attachment on 2016-02-08

Very recently, my oldest son has given me an insight to some of his experiences. Our night began with my husband's newfound neighbors/friends coming over to have a night of hanging out. The guys playing chess, while enjoying a few drinks, and us ladies enjoying each others conversation. I'm not s...

My Grandpa Teddy And His Cardinals on 2016-02-03

I'm not sure where to begin with this. My grandfather Teddy passed away years ago. He was the strongest male figure in my life and gave much inspiration for my strength in me. While I was a young girl my summers were spent at his home in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. My fondest memories were create...

New Home New Spirits on 2016-02-01

We moved into our current home in May of 2015. I need to put this in first so it makes sense later on. I can feel spirits, energy and vibrations, moods of others when they are around me or in close proximity. Now onto the experience... Before we decided to move or sign anything, I felt it w...

Ghost Needed To Use The Bathroom 2: Shocking Update on 2015-03-24

What I'm about to tell you both shocked and answered a lot of questions. The other night my four children and I were talking about our ghost experiences, as we do every Saturday evening. They asked me to retell my experiences, and always somehow come up with new interesting questions. Just so hap...

Coincidence? I Think Not on 2015-02-16

This particular experience happened only a week ago, maybe add a few days. Due to moving, we were staying in a hotel room. Earlier that morning, I had driven my husband to work and dropped the kids off at school. This was on a Tuesday so a work week and virtually no one in their rooms. Around 12:30...

After My Grandfather's Passing on 2014-12-17

Due to many different things going on in my life, I haven't been able to submit many experiences, or even take time to read others. These incidents took a period of over 3 days. My grandfather "Sonny" passed away this past July. His home is where a lot of my other published experiences happened....

After Visiting My Grandfather's House on 2014-09-17

My grandfather's house resides in Moore, Oklahoma. In some of my other published experiences this is the house I am talking about. One afternoon my sister and I needed to go out to his house after his passing, and cut the 2.9 acres he had. Due to the realtors, putting it on the market, and possi...

Resident Spirit May Have Been Excited For Inlaws Moving Out on 2014-09-16

Its been a while since my last published experience. But rest assured a lot has happened between then and today. June of this year my husbands brother, wife and 3 children moved in with us. Now if you have read my other stories this one should excite you a little. Before they moved in, the room t...

A Warning And My Dryer on 2014-04-16

This is a continuation of the last experience I submitted. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing laundry and happened to fall asleep. It was during this nap when I had a very vivid dream, or what I like to consider a visitation. This visitation consisted of seeing two spirits trying desperately to ente...

She Will Be Ok on 2014-03-12

This experience took place last year in February and thought I should share it now. This includes my mother, stepdad and myself. During the weekend, I kept feeling that I should call my mother. A nagging feeling, but I brushed it off because we really didn't talk on the weekends, just everyday Mo...

New Developments In New Home on 2014-03-11

The last story I have posted was about the new home we have recently moved into. This is continuing and new developments have occured. My husband and I have cellphones, and don't use any sort of landline. Around a week after moving in, we had our washer and dryer moved in as well. One early morn...

New Home, Welcoming Happenings on 2014-03-03

Recently within the last month I have moved into a new home. Its an older home and quite large for our family of six. The first initial look I had a great feeling about it, very welcoming, warm, and the lived in feeling (which I love). I am a stay at home mom and housewife, so I am home just abo...

Shadow In The Bathroom on 2013-12-16

This event occurred in my husband's grandmother's home. We were living with her at the beginning of our marriage, trying to get our priorities together. This is the home the Ouija board had been played in (Tragic End by the Ouija). His grandfather had also passed in only 6 months prior. Earl...

Grandpa's Way Of Comfort on 2013-11-26

A few years after my grandfather passed, I was in mourning. He and I had a very special relationship. We were very much the father and daughter type. His passing, as I've posted in another story "Grandpa Saying Goodbye" under Taurus83, was sudden. He died from bacteria throughout his body. Altho...

My Mother, Her Siblings And The Shadow Man on 2013-11-25

These experiences are my mothers accounts from her childhood. They still have her asking questions. During the year of 1973, my mother was around 7 years old. She lived with 3 other siblings and her father in a two story home. Times were hard then, after her mother left because of physical abuse ...

Great Grandma's House on 2013-11-13

First I will say my Great Grandmother has lived in the same house for over 50 years, and this took place in this house just over a week ago. My mother and dad came down from Missouri for an important eye appointment and decided to stay at my great grandmother's home while she was away. I decided...

My Uncle's Visits on 2013-09-24

I'm not sure exactly where to start with this experience, but here goes. It was 2007, and my mother was still grieving the death of my uncle. She had many questions, unanswered, and I was never allowed a proper goodbye. I did not attend the funeral, due to my living a state away with my grandpare...

Spirit Playing With My Stuffed Toys on 2013-09-16

This event occurred about 6 months after I settled into the house in Del-City, Oklahoma. I was I believe 11 years old at this time. It happened about a year before the garage incident, written in another posting. My room was arranged with stuffed animals galore. I had them in particular spots, ra...

Our Tiny Haunted Apartment on 2013-09-09

In our little two bedroom apartment, in 2007 we had four kids and ourselves. It wasn't what you would call spacious or cozy in the least, but we made do with what little we had. When we first moved in, the feel to it was stuffy. Not because of the size, but it felt crowded. I felt as though there...

Tragic End By The Quija? on 2013-09-09

This is my second experience with a Ouija board. I had just married my husband, and it was during Halloween. It took place at his grandmother's house, during a family gathering. I was 16 at this time, I know I was young. Three of his female cousins and one aunt (she is our age) as well decided t...

Three Knocks On The Desk on 2013-08-26

Only a couple years after my mom's Ouija experience, at 8 years old is when I started noticing odd things going on around me. My mom and first stepdad had divorced and now at that the time of this occurrence we lived with my grandfather in Moore, Oklahoma. Now in the room we shared, my mom and I,...

Seeing My Mom And The Ouija on 2013-08-26

This is when all my experiences began. I was 5 years old, and lived in Versailles, Missouri. Late one night, far past my bedtime I woke up and heard a slight noise down the short hallway that connected my room and the kitchen and living room. I sat up in the bed and realized the living room ligh...

Ghost Needed To Use The Bathroom on 2013-08-20

This occurred in the purple house as my kids call it, 4 years ago, just prior to us moving into the duplex I've described in other stories. At around 11:30pm, I had been catching up on my favorite programs on tv, when I needed to use the bathroom. My children were sleeping, and my husband was at ...

Huge Shadow Being Toying With Me on 2013-08-20

This experience happened to me, 4 years ago. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This occurred in the duplex, and here's a description. There were 4 bedrooms each that could be entered from the long hallway. My oldest son's room was directly across from the living room, diagonal was my middle and younge...

Spirit Playing With My Toys on 2013-08-19

This was the first experience in my child hood home in Del City, Oklahoma. I was 10 and a half years old. The year of '94. My mother and I had just moved in the house with my stepdad. Three rooms upstairs and one of them my own. I was used to having my own room so this wasn't anything out of the ...

The Beginning Of My Uncle's Knocking on 2013-08-19

This took place when I was 14 years old. It was around 3 years after my uncle had passed due to suicide. I hadn't mourned him yet so around this time is when I did. One afternoon while I was alone in the house, this took place during summer break and when my parents used a lot of their time worki...

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Date: 2017-12-01

Going straight into my favs!

I believe even our little furry loved ones can and will reach out to help us heal when we have to say goodbye. ❤ This is a good reminder that they love us just as much as we love them.

Thanks for sharing

Hi Dandk,

After reading your experience here, I remembered one of my experiences that had to do with knocking.

I was 14 years old, lived in Mesa Arizona and had literally finally started to mourn my Uncle.

He has passed only 2 years earlier, and I just couldn't and didn't accept he was truly gone.

I started writing poetry at that age, all of my poems were about him. Imagining him as an angel watching over me etc.

A few weeks after I started my poetry I had decided to share a few with my Mother (his sister). She was still in mourning as well, and I needed to find a way to have her see his death in a better way.

A few days after I shared those poems the knocking started.

First very subtle, gentle almost like a whisper type knocking. Started on my bedroom wall. I ignored it thinking some type of animal had made its way into the walls, or a branch from a bush was causing the sounds.

Then after a week or so, it moved to my headboard. It has a rhythm to it a pattern. It went on for a few days and grew louder. So I finally said "ok,if this is someone I know, tap twice for yes and once for no",it knocked twice.

At that time I only knew of my uncle passing so I asked the question...
"Is this Uncle Rod"? Again knocking twice... I was excited and scared at the same time.

Everynight before I went to bed the knocking would start. Not at any particular time, I was a teenager I was up at all hours of the night.

But every single time I would decide to go to bed the knocking would start.

I would lay in the bed, talk with him (never got an actual voice answer) ,and would ask him to stop knocking so I could fall asleep. This went on after we moved back to oklahoma, and stopped after I moved out.

Sorry for the long comments but this sent me back to good memories!

Thanks for sharing
Spiritwaiting ❤

Your Great Aunt Sylvie sounds like quite the character! 😁

It's fascinating she knew you were trying to discuss her and tried what she could to keep it from happening.

Love this!

Date: 2017-07-16

I am now interested in the Tibetan beliefs. Because of this I am going to do a lot more research.I'm always looking for more things to read and discover.
This was the one new thing I have learned today.

Thank you for sharing
This going into my favs!


This was intriguing. I have a question if you don't mind.

How did this possible attachement start?

Well maybe a few more questions...

How long had they lived in the apartment before your friend started to hear the knocks?

Was it just all of a sudden these knocks started to occur?

Like I said this is interesting, and I'm sorry for your loss of a loved one 😊.
She was a loved one of yours, because well you loved her ❤.

Thanks for sharing
Date: 2017-07-04

First thank you for sharing. You did a great job.

It's a tragic bunch of events, and can't imagine going through that. While reading my heart was breaking for the mom, because of what he did, and then the girl, for her having to experience that type of death.

Thank you again for sharing, maybe in some way she knew you would share this, and get her story out.

Sometimes I believe the spirits know there is in someway a way for us to share or help, and that may be why they tend to reach out to certain individuals.

Thanks for the 3rd time.

Regarding this particular apartment, have there been many other tenants who have experienced similar occurences?

Do you live in this apartment complex, or was Rebecca a friend of yours that you invited over, to help calm down?

Creepy,and I agree with Lady-Glow.If this entity was strong enough to open, close and slam doors, flip and move chairs, dump a fridge over, and move past you with enough force that you could feel and hear it, I honestly don't believe it would leave without enough force to stay away.

Not saying its not possible, but it would be more than likely it would come back.

I would have been terrified after seeing my chairs flip.

Thanks for sharing

I to have a few questions.

When you used the quija, did the activity start immediately after, or a few days after and continue?

Did you use the quija before the first experience you posted on here?

Because of your elders using the quija, and they tell you about there experiences, I mean I get the intrigue but also I would have used it as a warning.

Have your parents experienced anything along with you since you used it?

I'm asking all these questions, because this could be a possible attachment, or you may have opened a door unknowingly when you used the quija.

Not trying to scare you, but I'm only naming a few possibilities.

Hair pulling,poking,are physical touches.

How long has this been going on?

Thanks for sharing

Do you remember when you started to notice the shadow figure around you?

Have there been other occurences that have made you think this shadow being is the cause of?

I'm most definitely not an expert, but have and still have my fare share of shadow beings, or being around me.

On this site, there have been many others that have also had experiences with them, so I'm interested in this one.

Around just about 2 weeks ago, I saw a shadow man standing infront of my sons bedroom door, tonight I was upstairs taking a shower, my son comes up stairs and asks me if I had just come down the stairs. I told him no as I had just gotten out. So he proceeded to tell me, he heard someone walking down the stairs and across the living room floor towards him, while he was in the kitchen, he turned around thinking it was me, and no one was there.

And have been experiencing the feeling someone is walking up behind me or on the side of me, i turn around and no one will be there. That has happened to me more than I can count.

So I'm quite curious, as to what these shadow beings are doing. If they have an agenda or could they be just watching us, and we just happen to catch glimpses of them here and there.

I have never had a bad experience with them, have just freaked me out a bit or this last time ran after it, and caught myself actually not being scared at all by it.

But I do know hes around,I'm never alone while I'm the only one in this house.

Thanks for sharing,

Lol nope not thinkin you were nuts at all, was initally thinkin my phone had sent ya something that I didn't know about. Was lookin through all of it going "What did I send her!?" 😆

Got a good laugh from it, and hope it works or helps get you on the path to a helpful way to meditate.


Umm I just sent you some info and a link that could help.

It will Say Spiritwaiting aka (my first real name).
Hope it helps

Date: 2017-06-28


Yeah I agree with almost everyone here, you definitely had someone there with you!

Divine intervention, or Guardian Angel or what have you love it going into my favs, as a reminder there is something out there helping us!

Woo thanks for sharing
Same as I said to Melda, I can send some tips for beginners on Meditation for ya in an email of you'd like. Just let me know.


It takes a LOT of practice and determination, to just sit and be still.I'm a busy body and love to keep moving, if I sit still for too long I will either become ansy or so bored I fall asleep lol.

If you don't mind I can send you some tips on beginning meditation if you would like in your email. Just let me know


Oh yeah meditation works wonders!

If I feel any sort of negativity, I meditate a little longer than usual.


2 days ago I talked with both mothers seperatly, both conversations went well.
And Thank you 😊.
I do to!

Thanks to both of you

I forgot to add, you may have shown what's in your home, somehow that you have noticed it, thus causing the curtains to be bothered no further.

I don't know for sure, but it could be. 😊

Use your first gutteral instincts. Do you think what's been bothering your curtains may have locked the door for a little privacy?

Maybe what's in the home is curious, about you and your room.

Also,I tend to do things without noticing I do them purely out of automatic doing. Then go wow ok can't believe I didn't notice I did that!

Not saying that's the case here, but it could very well be a possibility.

But the door locking, if it does take a bit of effort to lock, has me wondering.

Thanks for sharing
Date: 2017-06-26

I'm wondering about this woman who owned the place. Maybe she knew you in a different time and place. She may have a message for you, or need you to know something.

That apartment and cafe may have something to do with it.

You could try finding a medium to help you out. Not sure if you believe in that type of thing, just a suggestion.

I really liked this, and hope you find help.


First Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

The negativity I agree was most likely coming from her, but not only her. As a result of meeting and spending some time with another mother I had met, a lot of energy that I could feel was inside my home.

I did a cleansing, and meditated quite vigorously afterwards. Have kept my distance from both of them.

Once I backed away from the first one, the energy was still there just not as strong. Then I put two and two together, and backed away from the other one.

Have kept my kids away from that as well. All has returned to what it was before.

Date: 2017-06-22

This is interesting. Have you tried figuring out who this spirit/entity maybe? What it wants?

If it's yanking your blanket off the bed, it may be wanting your attention for one reason or another.

Or it doesn't like your blanket 😆.

Thanks for sharing