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Little Girl And Opening Door on 2013-08-20

So I wanted to share these stories with someone, but first I'll tell a little about my house. It's a a big two story, old 90-100 year-old home in the small town of Elk Creek NE. I have lived here for about 7-8 years. Elk Creek is a small old town and if I remember correctly from what I read it use t...

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sorry for the delayed response, been rather busy. We haven't tried any sort of cleansing of out house or any medium. For one I live in a SMALL town and like 45 miles for any big cities.
I have tried researching about my house but haven't fond anything so I'd have to go to like a library or something. I'm not to afraid of anything happening, but my sister is, she gets scared and believes there is something in her closet.