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The Lady In White in a Kmart on 2008-07-21

This happened in a retail store in an old Kmart location. When I started in 1984 I remembered hearing comments from other co-workers about a ghost in the stockroom (it was in the first floor). I never seen or heard nothing until one day I was in the stockroom with other co-workers and one (employee)...

A Ghost In The Stockroom on 2008-06-26

Hello, my name is Gladys. I am a recently retired worker in a large retail store. My story happened in that store. Back in the morning of Sept. 6, 1999 I went to take my break in the stores own cafeteria, the person who attended me was a really nice man named Bobby, a man everyone liked and respecte...

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That happened in P.R. I'm not living there now whitebuffalo. And yes males saw her too, they were so scared they don't wanted to go to the stockroom specially in the night. I can write a lot of experiences from somes co-workers but I wanted to made the story more shorter. And she looked like a an old woman with white long hair. I'm sure she was an elegant and a pretty woman on her younger days. I hope she found her way to the light and rest in peace. Thank you all for your comments. ❤
Date: 2008-07-21
Wow!What experience. I agreed with Tammy, tell them to let go. Take care and GET WELL SOON!OK? 😉
Date: 2008-06-29
Yeah, crazy and sad story. I just hope God has mercy of his soul and he can rest in peace. Thanks for your comments