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Hollenbeck Park Ghost on 2014-09-30

A little history. When my dad was young I'm not sure exactly what age I'm guessing about 8 or 9, he would be lying in bed ready to go to sleep and from any dark, shadowy corner a woman dressed in all black with a veil over her head would float over next to him kneel and whisper in his ear. He never...

That Evil Smile on 2013-09-03

This is a very short but terrifying story which happened to me last year. One night me, along with my family, were praying the Rosary as we would normally do every night. Now, I am not very fond of being there every night praying for more than an hour but I would definitely do it when my parents ...

The Woman In Black on 2013-08-28

To start off I apologize if there are any errors in my writing. These events took place in the heart of Los Angeles, California, all which happened in my aunt Mary's house. Now, the house was a very big two story home with a small back house which was divided into several apartments. The house i...