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A Man Appeared To Me on 2013-11-11

If any of you read the story I posted first, you will know what my first ghostly experience was like! At the house I lived in as a child, I had many experiences there after that one! I remember I was having a sleep over with my best friend from school. Mom let us sleep in her double bed. I can't...

The First Ghost I Ever Saw: Dark Entity on 2013-08-27

I had my first paranormal experience at the house I grew up in. I was not very old, about four years old. I remember it like it was yesterday and so vivid, I often walk by the house just to reminisce. I remember that I was outside in the front garden. I had not long been outside when I looked bey...

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Date: 2013-12-08
Wow, that's really interesting. I love hearing/reading little stories like this, and when they are personal to you they stick with you forever.

Nice experience to add to your memories of the place.

Ell Annabelle xxxxx

(I re-posted as I put person instead of personal in my first post:P)
Date: 2013-12-08
Wow, that's really interesting. I love hearing/reading little stories like this, and when they are person to you they stick with you forever.

Nice experience to add to your memories of the place.

Ell Annabelle xxxxx
I just got the feeling he was part of a satanic group, or practiced black magic.

No one seems to think it could be true, you all just straight away say it isn't and I don't agree with that, because you did not see or feel it.

Not all monks are nice and there are plenty of stories of satanic monks lurking.

I hope that doesn't scare you too much.

Xxxx thanks so much for commenting though xxxx
Someone mentioned it not being satanic, I asked what it could be if not satanic because I don't know if it was. Also, I mean it wasn't a demon I mean it did ritual in the past or something... Maybe.

You all seem to be jumping at that and shouting at me THAT IT IS NOT EVIL! 00 okay I shall not mention satanic rituals ever again: (
o0 I said in the comment that I wish I had not have mentioned evil in the first place and I also said it was a suggestion and I also said it wasn't meant to be the main focus of the story. I think you lot took the stick from up my bottom and placed up each others
I don't judge people by appearance, I am the least person to judge. Thank you very much, I hate people on these sites who think they know it all. I wear all black day in day out and I am not evil. Gosh. I wish I had never mentioned evil.

How about commenting about the story instead of evil being a main focus, it wasn't meant to be.
It can mean you are but it doesn't have to mean you are, LOL some people are so uptight. Since I mentioned it could have been evil people have gone all weird on me THERE IS NO EVIL OKAY! DON'T EVER SPEAK OF EVIL TO MEEEEEE lol And I find it funny how everyone has dismissed it as being evil even when you they didn't see it or feel the presence. Non of you KNOW if it is or isn't evil. Neither do I. So remove those sticks from up your ***

I never act with disrespect?

It was only a suggestion I didn't say it was evil.


Date: 2013-11-13
Great read!:) Enjoyed it, and liked the fact the man actually spoke to you, but he didn't actually speak to any of you did he... He just asked the time, it was as if he repeats it each night. So it seems more like a repetition rather than an intelligent phantom!
Must have been cool to find out it's well known that a man appears and asks for time in that area:) confirms that you are not going insane LOL (as sometimes paranormal activity can make you feel)

Date: 2013-11-13
I have tried to look information up but all I can find is information about the area being a battle ground which most of Dudley would have been anyway, which is probably connected to the Castle, which at my new House I can see from the living room window, which I love <3

I feel the man was somewhat a paedophile he seemed and looked that way. And no I can't recall sleeping in that room after that, I just never stayed in there. I was probably around 4 years old maybe 5. Which must have been a nightmare for my mom.

Perhaps the Ball and chains where connected to the Battle ground as I know they kept people chained up in underground jails, sometimes for punishment towards servants. Dudley is a very historical place.

I think it's odd to get 2 different activity types which are not connected, in a small amount of time. Although that house had all sorts of different things going on which I will tell in due time. Not only that house have I seen and heard things in though, I have a magnificent story about a ghost I saw in Stratford Upon Avon. Stratford being extremely historical, I feel privileged.

Thank you too all for wonderful feed back, it excites me to see interest in my experience

I want to know where buzz went in the first place? Did your grandson take it home? And Mary fetched it back? Or did Mary hide it? The returned it?

Why would your grandson want to tidy Daltons room by his self? That's odd
No I had no idea what Satanism was then.
Had Never seen or thought about sacrifice.
I couldn't have compared it. It's just a feeling.

I have don't said it WAS satanic.
I have not said the dream WAS CONNECTED.

Personally I think I dreamt it because I had seen it and it created the dream. But the I think but how would I have known what sacrifice was.
Things like that don't just pop into your head when you have never heard about it. TBH I never even knew about ghosts then.

It's all just thoughts.

If it was white and a gave the same feeling then yes. If it was white and gave a happy feeling then no.
The following night I dreamt that the "Monk" collected blood and put it into small fancy glass bottles.

I wouldn't have known anything like that then.

But perhaps that dream just came because I had seen something.
Those Monks robes don't look like the one I saw...
Sometimes you just get certain feeling from them... As well!

Tehehe, Japanese Buddhist monks in Dudley?:D Mind you they can come from anywhere through a portal?!
It does sound like it was an entity, if it was any member of the family asking to keep it down they would have at least said something or you would have heard them on the outside of the door. I think you should ask if your friend has ever heard it before and that is why he wanted you to keep the noise down? X
I have tried to research the area but could not find anything! I really would like to know.

The Black Robe... What could the monk have been associated with if not satanic:)

More Stories soon:)

Thanks for your comments xXx
When the ghost appeared in front of your window was in on the ground floor? How was it presented in front of your window and could you seem him more clearly?