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I was conceived in a "haunted" house--although the house had been newly built. As the baby of the family, I've always felt a little bit...different. I don't have any sort of sixth sense or anything like that, but... I live inside my head far more than anyone else in the family. I spend a lot of time thinking, observing and studying. I don't "see" ghosts or even sense them. While growing up in that house, I'd always felt as though I was being watched, but even then I chalked it up to imagination. I used to pretend my favorite TV characters were watching me as I dreamed up stories involving them. This sense of being watched did more to comfort than to frighten me.

I grew up to be artistic and generally creative. I am a writer--of poetry, fiction and lots of non-fiction. Most times, the writing comes to me as though I'm channeling the words; I often surprise myself by the result. Some of my best work comes from what I call "blank page writing," when I start with no goal or expectations. I grab a single word, phrase or sentence "out of the air" and take it from there. I like to joke about the fact that Ernest Hemingway is watching over my shoulder, because 1.) I share his birthday, 2.) I was born within 2 weeks of his death, and 3.) I live in a state where he had many good experiences, i.e. He vacationed in Michigan...
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The Exit Ramp Calling on 2013-10-07

I like to write and I'm always conjuring story ideas. I pull ideas from real-life experiences or simply imagine scenarios and ask myself "what if?" questions about them. But it's said that truth is stranger than fiction, and I have to agree. A few years ago, while driving my usual route home from...

Chihuahua Shadow Man on 2013-09-30

Let me start by explaining why I have doubts about my shadow man experience being related to a dream and sleep paralysis. I do have a history of sleep paralysis with what I've tended to call "waking dreams." I knew exactly where I was and I had sensory awareness of my surroundings, but all of my joi...

Haunted Camera At Hever Castle on 2013-09-23

A decade ago--before the wave of paranormal shows on US TV started to "train" us all in how to investigate hauntings and analyze photographs for things like orbs--I visited friends in London. We took a trip to Kent and toured Hever Castle and the surrounding gardens. Hever Castle is the childhood ho...

Was Our House A Portal? on 2013-08-27

My childhood house was built in 1959, in a Detroit, Michigan suburb that officially became known as Dearborn Heights. Four years later, in 1963, my family moved in as soon as the house was finished. I was conceived in this house. When my mother was pregnant with me, she did not like to be in the...

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Date: 2013-11-05
First, let me say you are an amazing story-teller! You should try your hand at fiction!:)

I agree that the hallway was likely set up to "spook" people, and the sleep paralysis angle might be worth considering. I have experienced sleep paralysis, and, yes, it can feel as you've described. But I've also had one experience that I'm not so sure truly *was* sleep paralysis (Chihuahua Shadow Man story I've told here).

Since up until this point you've been a hardened skeptic who has never experienced sleep paralysis before, I want to think that perhaps you did encounter something--whatever that something was. The part about the sleep paralysis that might make me a skeptic is the fact that you went from that moment of terror to waking up to your alarm, with nothing in between. This does suggest that perhaps you truly were asleep and simply *stayed* asleep.
Date: 2013-11-02
Something occurred to me today... A possible link between my mother's alcoholism and that house. I'd never made that connection before. But 3 years after we moved, when my mother was at her worst, I remember seeing "not her" in her eyes. I decided there and then that my mother, when drunk, was not my mother. I even wrote a short story called "The Demon of Drink," because it was like I saw something else, another "entity" in her eyes... Like she was possessed. She was never violent when drunk, however. And when not drunk she was the sweetest person you could know. When drunk it was like she was fighting some sort of inner battle. At her worst, when I made that discovery in her eyes, she mumbled repeatedly, "I should be dead." She never, however, attempted suicide.

It got so I decided there were 2 people within her, the one with vodka and the one without.

My older sister told me a few years ago that my mother was on an antidepressant when she was pregnant with me... Which would have been within a year or two of moving into that house. As the years passed, she sank deeper into alcoholism. She neared her worst right when we moved out of that house. She hit bottom 3 years later, in a new house, when I was the only sibling still living at home. After 2 stays in rehab, she "recovered" and stayed alcohol-free for the rest of her life, about 25 years or so.

There've been all sorts of theories about what led her to drinking... But all of a sudden, today, I started wondering if that house was a contributor, or even if it was the principal cause? She did say she'd felt uncomfortable in the basement while she was pregnant with me. Why, specifically, when she was pregnant? Especially since I was the one in the house with the fewest experiences?

I'm not liking this connection... But it's making sense...
I, too, travel often, but have never experienced anything like what you mentioned. It disturbed me so much to read about your experience that I felt compelled to do an online search using search terms ramada, bangor, maine, and death. Almost immediately I found an article about a woman who'd been staying at that Ramada for business in 1995. She was murdered, and her body found near (but not in) that hotel. Her killer was killed in prison--he was beaten to death in 2011, and his death is actually what prompted the article to be written. Here is the article: I wonder if it's the ghost of the killer rather than his victim, and he's continuing to haunt a hotel that he'd "haunted" in life?
Date: 2013-10-26
elfstone: so sorry about your nephew and his wife. I'm sure that felt like an even bigger punch in your gut than the warnings. 😢 I'm definitely going to try to pay attention to physiological responses going forward.

Argette: Yes, definitely a sad story. And sometimes people do just *know* things. My mother and older sisters had several instances of just *knowing* things, but I've never really noticed it in myself. I suppose I just haven't paid attention--which is something I need to change.

Miracles: until about 2 years ago I kept up journal entries focused on my trying to make sense of signs, portents, totems. Unfortunately, I used those entries to try to find philosophical excuses to turn what were clearly bad signs into something hopeful. I now know they were warnings, but I just didn't want to believe it at the time. (Things like a mourning dove flying into my windshield on the freeway, and a turtle laying eggs right in front of me... Which never hatched.) Warnings come for a reason, so we can prepare. I guess I just didn't know how to prepare, so I tried to cling to hope instead. Fortunately, I've been seeing more signs lately that have a positive edge even without my looking for excuses to make them positive.

Going forward, I'll pay more attention to how I'm feeling physically when I notice signs. And yes, write it all down, including dates.
Date: 2013-10-25
Miracles: I wish I knew what I'd felt physically, but I didn't notice.

I've actually been trolling the Internet trying to find the story behind my story, but apparently news archives don't go back much farther than a few months, unless it's a particularly sensational story. I did, however, discover 2 posts I made to a private Yahoo group with some writing friends, dated July 1 and July 2, 2009 (I'd also posted a news link, but it no longer works). And, apparently, my memory made it seem a MUCH shorter time frame than the reality. See below from what I'd written to my friends at the time:

[begin paste] July 1, 2009: I could not take my usual exit coming home from work today. Police had it blocked off. More police than are on duty on any normal day, (rural area). My exit is also the exit for a maximum security juvie prison that was converted in May to house adult male maximum security psychiatric inmates. I noticed when driving past that all I saw were police--no firetrucks. No ambulances. No wrecked cars. But I did see what at first glance appeared to be an RV. On closer look I saw the words "mobile command unit"! WTF?! You can imagine all the thoughts that went through my head, especially all the story plots! But the reality turned out to be beyond my wildest imagination! Bones. They found human bones!

July 2, 2009: This may be hard to believe, but several times as I've driven on that corkscrew exit ramp I've wondered if anything unusual could lie in the tall grass and cattails in the center. No one is going to be walking there. Grass cutting is limited to the area near the road. But as to the reality... The story in the below link says what I started to wonder before I saw the news report. They think it's the remains of a 62 year old man who went missing 4 and ½ years ago, in January, when the area was covered with snow... It's just way too sad to imagine that man falling into the swamp in frigid weather conditions and dying there, so close to 'civilization' and yet so invisible to other people.:- (It's also a bit disconcerting to know that I have driven past him nearly every day of every week for over 4 years. Maybe somewhere deep inside me I knew he was there in an ESP sort of way; maybe that's why I have so often had wild imaginings driving by there, wondering what could lie in those reeds. But since I'm not in tuned to ESP or anything like that I didn't "listen".[end paste]
Date: 2013-10-25
Elfstones: I wish I could distinguish between *knowing* something and imagining! (Yes, you made sense!)
Date: 2013-10-25
Miracles51031: Thank you for both the defense and the lesson! 😊 Part of me hopes nothing like this ever happens again; another part of me sort of hopes it does, so I can act more quickly... Or really *act* at all... If I can find a way to pay better attention. Maybe that just means parking my car somewhere and taking a little walk around to see if the sense grows any stronger or if another sort of feeling starts to develop.
Date: 2013-10-25
girlymadness: I can appreciate the skepticism. I figured I might encounter skeptics by admitting to the fact that I write fiction. But in all honesty, I can get a much bigger readership elsewhere if I want to post a story simply to be read. I could actually earn a buck or two by releasing it to an e-book site like Smashwords. I also would make it more...interesting. I have to admit, this story by itself is pretty boring. Driving by a site and getting a weird feeling or simply the inspiration to plot a story is hardly enough to make a movie-of-the-week. To make a story exciting, it needs a whole lot more than that. Maybe a voice, or an odd mist or... Certainly something other than a feeling.

Bottom line is: I didn't post here to win any sort of popularity contest for spooky stories. I posted here to see if maybe there was something trying to reach out to me, and if so, try to find out how I can pay better attention should it ever happen again.

I also often wonder if the fictional stories that I get inspired to write somehow don't come entirely from *me*...whether muses or ancestors or who-knows-what somehow plant seeds in my head. Just about every writer out there is quick to blame brainstorms and writers block on shouting or silent muses. Who knows, maybe whatever-they-are also acted as intermediaries with the ghost of this lost man, i.e. I didn't get the nudge from the ghost, himself, but rather from the "muses" who tried to make themselves useful for something else for a change. Clearly, I have no idea, but I can do a whole lot of speculating! 😉
SirenBelva: The majority of people (science minded folks, mostly) who've seen the pictures insist the mist is solid, and that all it represents is another rock. But to me the positioning is all wrong for it to be rock, and you can see through it, so I just don't know how it could be rock! Although the plants that I'm seeing through the mist, to most viewers are just marks on the rock.

As to the eye, these science-minded folks do see the eye quite clearly, too. But they insist it has to be etchings in the different type of rock on that side of the photo. Again, I'm not sure there's rock specifically where the eye is located. There are too many plants right there.

I wish I knew someone I could send to the castle to investigate whether these rocks folks are seeing are actually rocks, or if what the photos captured is less explainable than some think... 😉
Date: 2013-10-24
Orpheus: Thank you for the advice. I don't have prayer beads, but it might be a good idea to invest in some. I did hang a crucifix recently, placed where I can't help but see it while in bed. I'll look for your story.

SirenBelva: Thank you, too. I'll have to look for your story, as well. As to being a shadow at work... Just today I had an article accepted by a professional journal. If my current employer wants to keep me as a shadow, maybe some acceptance by other professionals in my field will get my company to take another look... Submitting the article was, I suppose, my way of taking some power back.

Lilady4/Rachel: It is a lot. Too much. Without the writing outlet, I just don't know how I would have gotten to this point. I wish I could burn incense, but my husband is extra-sensitive to smells. There's no way he could handle it. As to candles...I've never bought black ones, and never would. I'll remember that, though about white ones. It's odd, in a way. Now with Halloween coming up I have no desire to get creepy decorations whatsoever. For the first time ever, all I really want to have on display are smiling scarecrows and the like.
Date: 2013-10-18
Swinsinfire: Thank you so much for holding me to the Light! It matters, I know it does!

I definitely went down a bad path in my head. Very negative thoughts, feelings, vibes, etc. I shifted from writing inspirational poetry to horror poetry (although I still wrote the occasional inspirational one, too). I also started writing horror and erotic fiction. About 2 years ago, I forced myself to stop writing all of it. I focused all of my energies on writing dramatic stories filled with messages of faith and family and brotherhood -- people faced with tragic challenges but using faith and love to find their way out again. I honestly think that somewhat cliche outlet transformed me.

As to lucid dreams... I have 5 that, to me, represent important messages that can take me years to decipher and revisit and re-decipher. Here's a direct copy/paste from my LJ, dated May 1, 2008, describing one particularly troubling dream in present tense:

[start paste] I feel the bottom of the bed, at my feet, lifting up. After a few moments I'm convinced it's ghost or demon related. I try screaming, and then I force myself to wake up -- or so I think. I try to turn on the bedside lamp, but it won't go on. I get up -- or so I think -- and try the wall switch, but it's dead too. So I try rushing down the stairs. Interestingly, my feet never touch the floor -- my first real clue that I'm really still asleep in bed. Second clue: the way the lights on the stairs sort of seem to fluctuate in and out of "phase". Okay, we don't have "lights on the stairs". Then there's some sort of "stuff" like volcanic ash floating down in front of me, between me and the great room. Finally, I wake up, in bed, in the bedroom, upstairs. [end paste]

I really did believe there were certain demonic -- somethings -- floating in the periphery of my life at the time, as though they were waiting at the edge, waiting for me to completely give up, and give in... And let them in. Fortunately, I never did. I found my writing outlet. I hung up crucifixes. And I prayed.
MaryAnneTHEdoll: I don't know much about her, but I do know I wouldn't want to be there at night!

SirenBelva: I'm surprised you see the eye and not the mist. The eye seems the most likely thing for viewers to discount as tricks of the landscape. But the mist is in front of things in the landscape. But I've heard others say they don't see the mist either. I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Interesting.

Samtillie: I hope you'll post here to let me know what you see or don't see. Thanks!
It must feel wonderful to know you're being watched over by her! 😊 I've sensed my mother several times. The first involved an app on my phone. I installed that app specifically for her so we could play when I visited. I never opened it without her. One day, about 3 or 4 weeks after she passed, that app opened by itself when I was about 3 feet away from the phone. I instantly figured it was her. There've been a few other incidents, too. Every one makes me feel good.
I agree with lady-glow about asking your mother now that you're no longer a small child who needs to be protected. I grew up in a haunted house. While my mother was always open about things she experienced, my dad never admitted to having had any experiences in that house until many years later. He never ever said what exactly he experienced, but at least he admitted that he'd had experiences.
I'm so sorry about your parents turning away as they did. I can't help but wonder if they're dealings with the paranormal steered them down a very bad path that ultimately destroyed their relationship with you.
Date: 2013-09-28
What a strange experience! I also find this discussion facinating! I also feel a connection... I lost 4 people between August 2012 and August 2013. The 2nd was my mother; and the last was my "almost" sister, a woman who was almost as much a sister to me as my real sisters (I was the "baby" sister to all of them; I now have 3 older sisters instead of 4--2 real and 1 "almost.") She passed from breast cancer. Last December I was feeling morose, awaiting a dreaded diagnosis. I was so down I left work early. I'd been wearing a hair clip all day and it was well secured. But in the thick of my depression, the clip snapped open to thwap me in the back of the head. I instantly thought it was my "sister" telling me to snap out of it. My mood changed instantly. And the diagnosis was not the bad one I'd been dreading.

On another note--I actually do have a Thor's hammer pendant!:) I also have a cousin Thor...who's been known to swing a hammer now and then!;)

Seriously though, a facinating story. The connection to west seems spot on. And the knocking, too. I'm so glad you got your wake up call! Mine wasn't nearly as exciting, but it did get me to laugh.
I'd love to see the photos. It would also be interesting to find out some history of the building. The chair by the window reminds me of my grandfather. In the final years of his life, he always sat in a chair looking out the window in the second floor of our home. I heard children outside talking one day, and realized they thought he was a ghost. The night he died, he was in the hospital, bedridden. And yet... When the nurse went in to check on him, he was in a chair by the window. He had somehow gotten up, gone to the chair... And quietly passed away sitting there, gazing out the window.

Certainly your "ghost" is not my grandfather;) but I wonder if it's someone like him, maybe someone who'd been unable to go outside and do things as he once had, and found solace in his final years gazing out that window.

I wonder what would happen if someone purposefully moved the chair to the window before closing down for the day. It might be an interesting experiment.
Miracles50131: I'll write it up soon. I've got another story in process now. Not that I've had a ton of different experiences in my life. So far just 3 at the ripe old age of 52 (although the first experience occurred over a period of years). The shadow man will be #3.
I'm interested both in this story, and in the statement from Miracles51031. I've been thinking about posting my own shadow man experience. I've had several sleep paralysis experiences in my life, mostly during and shortly after my college years when high-stress and little to no sleep were the norm. A few years ago, shortly before the drug war escalation in Mexico, I had an unprecedented shadow man experience when I was visiting Chihuahua with several colleagues from work. I was under no significant stress at the time, although highly significant stress entered my life not long afterward, which leads me to wonder anew...

In my experience, I woke up in my hotel room in Chihuahua to find a shadow man standing over my bed looking down at me. Yes, I had the symptoms of sleep paralysis. I could not move, and my jaw was locked though I fought to shout at him to "get out of my room." Then he started to fall down on top of me. I became "unlocked" the instant before he reached me--or just at the moment of him reaching me--and found that he had vanished. And yes, I screamed at that instant. (I now have to investigate what year that trip was, because that might be significant...)

I wonder, Queequeg (love the name, btw!) if any significant stress entered your life shortly after your experience? I know the traditional question is whether there was already stress in your life, which suggests you conjure the image or visit somehow. But as of this writing at this moment, I'm starting to wonder if my own experience was in any way related to a warning or premonition rather than a "conjuring." As though his "falling on top of me" brought bad things into my life (although it brought bad things into a lot of other lives, too, i.e. The recession, the fall of the auto industry [my industry], etc). In fact, while I'm still with the same company, most (but not all) of the colleagues who'd joined me on that trip are no longer with the company and have disappeared from my life.

Don't take my words as anything expert, however! I'm just wondering about it all myself!;)
Interesting story. I do wonder what the history is in your house or even the land itself. What about the cat? You mentioned the dogs reactions. We're quite sure the house where I grew up was haunted (I posted that story here some weeks back). We had a dog and a cat, and both reacted to things we couldn't see. The dog was a good dog, but she would get scared all of a sudden, and snap in defense. The cat would stare at things we couldn't see. We would watch his eyes and head slowly moving as though following an unseen object's movement. He generally didn't seem to care, although his eyes were wide and he flicked his tail back and forth. (It was a very mellow cat!)

I am by no means an expert on any of this. I do know I've heard time and again that bad energies can feed off of stress and depression, and fuel that stress and depression, in turn. I was severely stressed and depressed a few years ago for some very good reasons. I noticed, too, that my writing (I write poetry and fiction--but only self published) turned from inspirational to horrific. Then I started hearing scratching sounds in my bedroom at night (note that my current house has never shown any signs of being haunted; ever).

After a terrifying "waking" dream in which I could swear a demon was lifting my mattress, I forced myself to stop the horror writing. I refused to watch horror movies and I stopped cold turkey watching my favorite TV series at the time, "Supernatural." I also started following inspirational quotes on Twitter and that sort of thing. My life situation hasn't changed, but my attitude has, and depression has switched to optimism. I stopped hearing scratching noises, and I haven't had a nightmare in about a year now (I'd been known to wake my husband up with horrible moans and strangled screams).

I hope your own positive energies can continue to grow and fuel nothing but good energies in your home.