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South Africa
A vibrant, enthusiastic individual who enjoys a good ghost story. I am fascinated with all things that go bump in the night and have had many experiences, some paranormal and others just worldly.

I do believe that I have a gift, one that enables me to help others through my dreams and my intuition (6th sense/ESP). Being able to foresee imminent danger of loved ones and even being able to foresee events in the future pertaining to friends and family (deaths mostly). I believe that I am not a complete sceptic but rational explanations are always more acceptable than believing that we live amongst things we cannot see, touch or feel.

Having grown up in a pretty conservative home, I was always discouraged from exploring anything remotely "spooky", "dark" or inexplicable to the common man. Being an inquisitive individual I have been some what rebellious and have in my own way, had a thirst for knowledge. Which is why I have become an avid reader of this site.

Sharing experiences and reading posts and comments from others quenches my thirst for knowledge.
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Mewoa And The Mystery Man on 2013-11-19

This happened on Sunday night, 17 November at approximately 9:00pm. A buddy and I were returning from watching a movie and we stopped at a local service station to fill fuel. My buddy (let's call her Serchelle) jumped off the car to get something from the convenient store. I remained in the vehi...

Scent Of You on 2013-11-13

It has been four years since my ex (Robz) passed away. Our relationship began through sheer luck when neither of us were actually looking. The chemistry was undeniable and we were drawn to each other like magnetic poles. It was almost as if the Heavens had opened up and welcomed us on a journey o...

Mysterious Lady V on 2013-10-09

I have always been interested in the paranormal and all things that go bump in the night from a very young age. My parents would never encourage my inquisitive nature and constant questions regarding spirits and weird dreams whilst growing up. Hailing from a pretty conservative background, my mot...

Khush 08-04-12 on 2013-09-23

I am a huge fan of this site and I have been reading posts and stories for years. I guess this is why I chose this site to publicly speak out about a very endearing experience I had a year ago. So here goes. I still remember the day as though it were yesterday. I had bought a beautiful Lab/Boer B...

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Date: 2013-12-18
Would be great to have a squizz at the pictures... Perhaps you could upload them on YGS?

Good story!

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-12-18
Something does not feel right about this... This is purely MY opinion and I mean no disrespect at all. I do not wish to cross any personal lines BUT...

The control aspect is quite disturbing to say the least...

I would highly suggest doing some background checks on the validity of this "group", its origins, members and their methods of worship...

I would highly recommend Rooks cleansing. A lot of the senior members on YGS swear by it...

I do hope that whatever it is that seemed to have attached to you is gone for good...

Goodluck and do keep us posted if there are any new developments.

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-12-06
Hello fellow South African 😊,

WOW! Had a look at this picture and I am stunned...

I used to live in Gauteng for four years and have on many occasions driven passed Church Street Cemetery.

When I moved to Pretoria for a few months, I lived not too far off from the Cemetary... I never had the guts to actually do a walk through but would love to when I visit Gauteng again.

Thank you for sharing. Well worth the read 😊.

Blessed Be
Hi there EerieSpector:

I must admit, this narration was heart warming as much as it was sad.

I had/have similar experiences with regards to smelling a perfume that my ex would wear. After my ex passed away, I would suddenly smell the scent of DKNY My ex's favourite fragrance) was odd at first and after I posted my story (Scent of You) here on YGS recently, I realised that it was just my ex letting me that I have not been forgotten.

It is never easy to lose a loved one. I am glad that your uncle remains close by. Thank you for sharing

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-28
Hello again,

It sounds like this could have been a one time kind of experience perhaps. Wrong place, wrong timing for you?

If there has been no activity again, I suppose best to let sleeping dogs lay...

Your aunt's place sounds delightful. I am glad that your kids love being there. So no need to freak anyone out.

Taking your experience into consideration, the reason you still continue to feel uneasy in the hallway could be some of the residue from when you were younger... Our mind never forgets... Perhaps this could be the reason for your uneasiness?

I am by no means an expert lol so its merely my rational logic...

I wish you and your family many more happy visits with your aunt 😊.

Should there be any other events, please do post them in the future...

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-28
Shew! This really is quite scary!

It is really hard to say what/who this could be. I have frosted windows in my bathroom and sometimes when one of my family members walk passed while I am taking a shower, their shadows look a bit distorted but clearly visible that someone has walked by the window.

You say the shadow is now walking passed your kitchen window? Can you make out any physical features?

What do you see on your night vision cameras?

I feel like this MAY not be a perv because it sounds way too sinister... Have you tried a house cleansing?

Many other posters swear by a cleansing method by another poster named Rook...

My suggestion is to perhaps install some blinds on your bathroom windows and have them in an inverted position whilst in there...

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-28
Hi Azreal 😊,

Interesting story...

Just a few questions:

1. Did anyone else ever experience what you did or any other weird occurrences in the house?
2. Have you ever tried speaking to your aunt about any experiences she may have had in the home over the years?
3. Have you done any background checks on the home/land/previous owners etc?
4. Now that you take your kids to visit with your aunt, have they had any experiences like yours there?

I look forward to your answers...

Blessed Be
Hello my fellow posters 😁,

Thank you for your comments. I feel very blessed to have my Guardians watching over me. Sadly a few days after the accident, which I averted, appeared in a local newspaper. The accident claimed TWO lives!

All I keep thinking is that those two lives could have been Serchelle and I...had I not gotten delayed at the service station.

My experience has made me realise that we should never judge a book by its cover. The mysterious man (eventhough he looked like a vagabond), was actually a "messenger." MY saviour ❤.

I often go to that very same service station in hope of seeing this man and his little kitten but I have been disappointed on every occasion 😢

Thank you for reading guys.

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-28 here goes, I am in total agreement with the other posters here... Totally MY own opinion:

To be quite honest, I do not believe this story from the way it was narrated. There are way too many holes in your story and not to mention the questions everyone is asking.

So I really mean no offence to you and yes it was an interesting read but as far as facts are concerned, I am not inclined to believe this.

I cannot remember as far back as last week, least of all memories from when I was two and three years old.

Would be interesting to clarify the following though:
1. How did you know it was 3am?
2. I was sleeping in my crib peacefully, in my bedroom that I always found suspicious." Explain HOW you as a toddler knew this was "suspicious"
3. "My mother had noticed my lack of sleep and she finally told me to get rid of the spirit we would just spray air freshener and she would leave. And I did believe that at first, but once we did that, nothing had changed at all." My question here is WHY would your mum discuss "spirits" with a two year old? Let alone telling your that "air freshner" would chase away the lady 😕.
4. Kindly explain HOW you (being a toddler) helped your mum research previous occupants of your house and found out that a woman had died there?

I really do not mean any offence but your story has little to no credibility unless our questions are answered.

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-25
Hey there fellow South African 😁 (I am from KZN) ,

I made certain to read all your stories and I must say I LOVE how you narrate them especially in journal style.

You are blessed to have so many loved ones with you. Charlie and Adam seem like quite the characters. Gran sounds so protective and warm as well.

Just had to tell you that when I come up to Gauteng, I would love to spend a few minutes in your home, just taking in all your wonderful house guests, Gran, Charlie and Adam 😁.

Keep posting. I look forward to more of your wonderful narrations.

Blessed Be
Hi there,

You say that you have since moved out of that house. Do you know if stuff still happens there?

Have you tried doing some more digging regarding the house or the land it is built on? Do you know what was the cause of death of the previous owner?

The part that involved your cousins was down right creepy with the waving and things... If it was me I too would have freaked out... So much respect to you for being as brave as you have been.

I think we all have our moments of psychological weakness especially when we are going through emotional stress so I would second Damion57 regarding your mindset at that time.

Perhaps you were in some way "open" to the presence of whatever it was that could have been disturbed during the renovation of the house. I could be totally wrong though... I am by no means an expert so its merely my opinion

Thank you for sharing your experiences with YGS 😊
Date: 2013-11-22
With no disrespect to you or your account of the events, but, could it have been an animal? Perhaps a cat or a bird for instance? It is a terrace so I would think that it could be easily accessible to an animal.

Also I am a bit confused about the door slamming shut... So I am with Lady Glow and Lesleighra here...

With so many questions, it is really hard to give a definitive explanation to your experience.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-22
Hi there Spiritwaiting 😁

Always great reading your posts. Why is it that little girls always seem to be the creepiest?

Did you ever find out who the little girl was? Sounds to me like whatever it was, was being rather mischievous... Much like the antics of a naughty child trying...

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-21
Spiritwaiting and Dan: Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. It is much appreciated.
Dan: Thank you for your input regarding the journey of the soul... It really has comforted me ❤
Spiritwaiting: I am sorry for the loss of your Grandma... I am glad that she continues to make her presence known ❤

I continue be fascinated by the soul...

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-20
Thank you guys.

I appreciate everyones input.

I am glad that Robz personality remains intact ❤

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-19
Thank you Cancan and Fergie for your thoughts.

Fergie: Yes it was very difficult for me to accept but as time went by, I had to learn to deal with the loss of Robz but I always take comfort in knowing that Robz still lingers on, even if it is by just allowing me to smell that sweet scent of DKNY ❤.

Just a quick question though, do spirits/souls that have passed on under circumstances such as overdosing actually maintain the same personality as when they were amongst the living or does that change depending on how they passed away?

I look forward to comments and thoughts...

Thank you YGS for affording me this opportunity to share my story... Reiterating the events of that time on this site has helped the healing process and I think I am finally finding some closure...

Blessed be
Date: 2013-11-18
Absolutely 😁...

It is always so much more reassuring to know that our loved ones are with us, maybe not in the physical sense but from the spiritual realm.

Always take comfort in that ❤

I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-18
Mary Ann Cotton? Isn't she that crazy woman that poisoned like 20 people using Arsenic?
Bad bad bad bad!

I have read many accounts of people using OB and the consequences have never been pleasant. WHY on earth would you take such a risk by putting yourself and your family not to mention your home in danger?

Boredom can make people attempt stupid things! But just remember, as "fun" or entertaining as it may be for that moment, the repercussions of a foolish decision could be deadly!

Some of the more respected guys on this site have given you some strict warnings! I suggest that you heed them!

SDS, RED, VAL: Can you guys give us a little more info about these OB's. How it works, why it can be dangerous, what it represents and so forth AGAIN for those that clearly don't heed first hand warnings 😐

Blessed Be
Date: 2013-11-18
This is such a touching story 😢. I just wanted to share a similar experience with you that I had some time back.

I had a brother that was five when he passed away from a brain tumour after a nasty fall. I was three months old at the time. My eldest brother was eight at the time so he pretty much remembers everything about my brother that passed on.

From all of the stories that my parents tell me, my brother was an amazing little guy. I was always fascinated by stories of his life, however short it was.

Everyone would tell me that he and I have the same shaped ears and that I am just a chubbier version of him. Growing up, 31 years later and I am told that I am exactly like him. So the one day I decided to visit with a spiritual medium. She knew nothing about me or my family and almost immediately mentioned that my brother was with us and he had messages for me, my parents and my older brother...

It was the most heart warming experience I had ever had... I will never forget it... I too, wish that he had grown up and I got to know him... Especially because we are so similar in so many respects.

Eventhough I don't have a memory of him, I love him dearly and yes I miss him. But I take comfort in knowing that he is watching over our family ❤.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us ❤

Blessed Be