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The Thing Across The Road? on 2013-09-04

I've been reading stories on this website for several years now, but today I finally decided to sign up and share one of my stories. I have had a few occurrences in my life that I couldn't explain and I will probably post them later. This account happened around 1995 when I was 13 or 14. I grew ...

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1.It looked as if it was picking up things and shoveling it into its face with both hands alternating, but I didn't see what it was eating or saw chewing. So, I guess it wasn't eating, but it looked like it.
2.It was just squatting there with its knees bent sitting on the backs of its feet.
3.Pretty sure there was no tail.
It was dark but I was able to see everything. I remember seeing my shadow as I walked down and this creature was like 5 shades of black darker.
It was approx 2 1/2 feet tall and I don't think it was a dog cause it had a human shaped face.
If it was a wild animal it would need to be a monkey or a human toddler. And, the way it slowly moved its face and looked at me just wasn't very animal-like.