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The Girl Beside Me on 2013-10-09

By Aunty LuLu Year 1968 (Aunty LuLu - 7 years old.) I grew up in this Malay's kampong in Andrew Avenue just opposite Sembawang Park and I remember that during my childhood, my parents did not show 'love' or 'concern' towards their 8 children. My parents owned a provision shop and in the 60's, ha...

Tending To My Flowers on 2013-09-18

Aunty Lu Lu. Year 2006 After dinner (6.30 to 7.30pm), I went out to the corridor to tend to my 20 over pots of plants, so pride of them, I loosen up the soil, and tidy up the dead leaf then I notice from corner of my right eye, I saw some one tall in white went very fast into my right side neighb...

Blood Vein Jade on 2013-09-18

By Aunty Lu Lu. Year 1977 (16 years old) My Ah Mm was talking about Taiwan jade and china malau (Red jade), colour that she had seem but one that caught my attention was the jade bangle with blood veins in it. Actually I don't really believe it unless I see with my own eye. A person have to w...

The White Candle on 2013-09-18

By Aunty Lu Lu, Year 1965, at the age of 4 to 5 years old. This is my first time sharing my stories. For the half of the centuries of my life, I had encountered many unnatural incidents in my life, so I'd like to share them with you. I was born and raised in a Kampong, opposite Sembawang park (An...