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Entity With The Covered Face on 2013-09-09

The incident I want to write about happened almost exactly six years ago. I spent part of the summer with my relatives in the UK and in August I flew back to Poland, at the other end of Europe. When I reached my parents' home I was dog tired after a night spent in planes and on the airport in betwee...

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I saw similar... Thing in my grandparents flat, when I was three or four. I always thought it was just a bad dream, though...
Date: 2013-10-13
Big, black dog with bright eyes, sounds like a shuck for me. Did you live in the same house as your mum during her childhood?
Whoever or whatever this spirit was, he certainly was evil. It's good you moved out because it seems he wanted to hurt you. As BadJuuJuu said, he/it was too nasty and dangerous to live with.
Spiritwaiting, the poltergeist -like activity (thank you, it's good to hear that I'm not only one dealing with something like that!) had happened there ever since we moved in. I was four then, and I remember me and my sis were scared of a huge old cabinet, filled with some papers. It had a habit (if a cabinet can have a habit) of opening by itself in the middle of the night, with that freaky sound the old hinges make. And, as I said, there were the footsteps, door rattling and door slamming from the day one.

Then one summer, when I was nine, my older cousin convinced my sis and me to make a seance with homemade ouija. We used a saucer and some letters, cut put of the paper. Nothing happened, though I must admit we did not close the seance properly. After that all the stuff with the crawlspace door opening by itself started, so I suppose we actually called something during that seance and it stayed.

My parents still live there, and my dad stil vehemently denies that anything paranormal is happening in the house, though he himself witnessed it many times. He always finds some rational explanations and if none fits, he just dismisses what happened as our hallucination.

Yes, I still have an uneasy feeling when I'm in my former bedroom, even during the day. I feel observed by someone. And I hate going in there after dark. I'm scared whren I have to do that.

BlueTurtle, thank you too. Yes I do avoid this room, though I still live with my parents. Now I sleep in the other, smaller bedroom, that has no door to the crawlspace and feels much safer. I hear the noises in the night sometimes, usually from the crawlspace (it is well insulated, so there is no way any animals could get in there) or from that room which used to be my bedroom, behind the wall. This wall dividing my bedroom ad that room is the one that has the bricked up door that rattles sometimes, but these sounds are always coming from behind the wall.

The newest addition to the ghost activities in the house is the kitchen door, opening by itself. Now, I know the door can be faulty and do that because of some mechanical reasons, but I saw it many times clearly as a day: a doorhandle going down, and then springing up like it was released by someone rapidly, opening the door. And it always happens during the night.

The house is a part of the farm and there were some clearly paranormal incidents outside, on the grounds, but that is, I think, another story.
Siemanko:D Poles, Poles everywhere:D Yes, I did feel a presence in that room, a presence that made me uneasy and I used to have the night terrors while living there (once I fled downstairs in panic, screaming at the top of my lungs "It's him! It's him!". Dad told me that I did not remember anything but fear, until the moment I got downstairs). They stopped as soon as I moved out. My niece, she's seven, hates to stay in that room alone after dark. Someone has to stay with her when she is supposed to sleep there.

I don't really think this entity was a dead relative. I saw my grandpa's face, in the reflection in the windowpane in his house, after he died. I felt maybe a little bit uneasy (I was little girl back then), but not scared. After all it was my beloved grandpa. And this entity, whatever it was, it felt evil.

As for the other encounters in that room, these were just noises, and once a voice whispering my name. At first I thought it was my sis, but then it dawned on me that she wasn't home actually.

The noises are usually the footsteps, loud and heavy, like a big man walking. Sometimes it sounds more like someone running or like something heavy falling onto the floor. Sometimes at night something rattles, like a closed door, pulled by someone impatiently. That door, though, does not exist, it got bricked up almost thirty years ago. In the wall nearby there is a door to the crawlspace, that sometimes opens up on its own, sometimes it also closes back. When I used to sleep in that room I sometimes had dreams, about the door to the crawlspace opening, and something bad coming out of there. I still get them from time to time, especially when I'm getting through a stressful period.