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Weird Ground on 2013-10-07

The majority of my experiences happened in Mexico, just as my first story. This experience happened months after the shadow in my brother's room. We had a couple of horses in the back part of my house, we have a small stable for them. One night there was this loud noise and then I heard horses r...

Laughing Shadow on 2013-09-17

I just started on this site and even though I have had many things happen to me, I'll start with the one that has scared me the most. First, just a little history. I was in Mexico, living in a town that was founded 102 years ago, and before that was only forest. I also found out that it was a rou...

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Date: 2013-11-15
Sorry it took, so long to answer, as to why I didn't run after what happened, its not like I didn't want to, it was more that I couldn't, my legs wouldn't respond. As for the horses, they just walked up to me like nothing was wrong. As to native American and being burned by white men, I don't know about that since it happened in mexico, but there isn't any records to look up where I was living in mexico at that time.
Date: 2013-10-07
Thanks for all your comments, as for the history of the are where it happened in mexico (I live in illinois now) it was just forest and hills before the town started, its based near a dormant volcano. There was a river there, but it has been dried up for over 50 years, and the shadow didn't say anything but laugh, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Llorona. I have never told any of my family memebers of what happened that night. But before that night, over things happened while my father was building the house, strange sound I couldn't explain, things were not where we left them.
The strangerst thing that happened before the night the shadow appeared, was a cousin came to visit and stayed at our house, the house wasn't finished yet, she stayed in the guest room. We were watching tv and she went to the bathroom, about five minmutes past when I heard a door slam shut and my cousin scream. I ran to the bathroom and I see my cousin trying to pull the door open, the door didn't have a handle or anything so it couldn't have been stuck like that, I started pulling the door until finally it opened and my cousin ran out the bathroom. I checked on her and when I felt she was better I went to check the bathroom. I closed the door and see if maybe it got stuck or somethiing, but it didnt. I checked inside the bathroom, and found nobody inside. Other things have happened in that town in mexico, I will write them another time.