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The Sound Of Running Water on 2010-03-01

First of all I want to apologize for my English - I'm not a native speaker. My grandmother died 5 years ago. I loved her. She was also my best friend. She was amazing, very kind and caring and incredibly modest. She was a widow and lived alone in a flat. On one Sunday I had a date with my boyf...

Night Terror on 2009-08-17

I live in central Europe, the Czech Republic. My family owns an amazing weekend house in the countryside near German borders. We are there very often from spring to autumn. It was probably built in 1890, no one really knows now. I love the village; it has 15 houses, mainly temporary inhabitants and ...

My Time In France on 2008-06-09

I would like to apologize for my English - I'm not a native speaker. All the lines below are true as I saw that two months ago. I'm a university student and in January I left my home for France , in order to improve my French. I chose a small town in the middle of the country . I stayed with a si...

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Date: 2008-11-09
Hello, I have similar experiences in my life. But more disturbing. In most European countries 3 am is evil time. My story is named My Time In France and I'll be glad if you will read that. Anyway good luck in life in the US.
Date: 2008-06-11
Thank you all for comments. I'm already at home now and all the things seem to be so far. It's hard to even think about what I experienced in France. I really have no idea why I was attacked. Many people talk about moving evil creatures with black holes instead of eyes, but I saw a man peacefully sitting on a sofa. And the voice was also a common man voice, with no anger.

The family I stayed with was Budhistic, but I as a Roman Catholic girl didn't share their ideas. The apartment was full of Buddhist decorations like warrior or geisha statues or samurai swords. In my bedroom I had this kind of sword and a few small statues on a desk, but sometimes the sword and a statue of one warrior (I don't remember his "function" in mythology) simply fell off the desk. I put away all the Buddhist decoration from my bedroom. I don't know if there is any connection or not, but since I came back from France I suffer from serious depression which I can't beat by myself so this week I have to see a psychiatrist. But when I was leaving my home for France, I was healthy, happy and friendly and a university student. Now I'm a nervous wreck.
Date: 2008-06-08
I have the same experience. Every night between 2:30 and 4:00 am I woke up and heard banging or knocking on the only one wall or the doors. Anytime I swithced on the lamp, it stopped. Saying prayers and asking my loving deceased ones helped me.
Good luck.
Date: 2008-06-08
I agree that the time around 3:00 am is weird time. I have similar experience like you. I stayed few weeks in France, in a 18th century flat and every night I woke up exactly betwee 2:30 and 4:00 am and hearing knocking, strange sounds, three times I found myself scratched. It's a long story, but my last days in France made me almost a wreck. But my Catholic religion helped me a lot.