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Strange Woman In My Window on 2008-07-01

I live in Lahore, with my family in our grandfather house. We were shifted here in 2003, after the death of my Father. This house is built before partition and was owned by the Hindu family, who left this house in 1947 and was allotted to my grandfather. Coming back to the story, the first night we ...

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Date: 2008-08-09
this story is indeed good, but I suggest that for the safety of your childern you should live somewhere else or atleast do some prayers for safety... God bless.
thankyou all for taking time to read my scariest incident. I was not expecting any feedback.Tonith, it did happen while my eyes were open, it was not a dream, and yes my other family members too have experienced the various incidents and they are still continuing. Once again I thankyou all. God bless you all.