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The Ghost In The Corner on 2013-09-24

I live in a small house in Georgia. The house a circle shape, and the kitchen is in the dead center of the house to where you can see all the hallways and the living and dining room. The only hallway you can't see is the hall to the front door past my mom's bedroom. There have been multiple exper...

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Date: 2013-10-22
Thank y'all so much for your comments! I have been reading them and understanding different things that it could have been and it have given me a small piece of mind!:)
I have had other experience in the house and outside of the house. One night I woke up and I felt as if someone was standing over me and then my younger sister, the one I share a room with, just started screaming.
My stepdad and sister didn't really get bothered by the ghost. I felt like it was hostile towards me. Like I wasn't supposed to be there and see it.
It had no features to it. I mean just a black hole where its face should have been. Like looking into darkness. I don't know. Unease has came with seeing it. Like I said in the story I will not be home alone. I won't even walk in the front door first from getting home with the family. I don't feel the safety of my home any more.