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daffodaleestate's pictureWe are the proud owners of the Daffodale House B and B.
Enchanted by the uniqueness and beauty of this magnificent home once owned by the Finlaysen-Kelly family, we soon manifested a series of projects dedicated to the preservation and improvement of this house. We have become in a sense her protector.

The Daffodale House was the original name of this Victorian beauty built in 1897. We created her to also become a painted lady B and B

However, there have been so many paranormal encounters here that we now give ghost tours.

The ghost trackers have been here and many paranormal investigators. Many of our guests have captured unexplained images in their photographs.
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My Encounters At The Daffodale House Estate B And B on 2013-09-24

I have recently closed my own business and sought out work with some folks who own a B&B in Monticello Florida. I had met them when I had a booth at the "Flea Across Florida." They (the owners of the Bed and Breakfast - Daffodale House Estate B&B) were quite warm and interesting and so I called and ...