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i like reading alot, learning about the paranormal from as much valid views as I can due to the numerous amount of odd activity that has plauged my life. I\'m a fan of many gengres of music.
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Lifelong Troubles on 2014-09-16

I'm Samantha, I'm twenty three and I believe I've been followed all my life. My mother told me of an incident which occurred while she was pregnant with me. This led me to believe all that has happened throughout my life has not merely been random coincidences. She told me that she fell asleep at...

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Date: 2015-01-10
[at] ifihadyoux Well I no longer live at my fathers residence, and my grandmother no longer lives at her previous residence. My fathers house is now occupied by his brothers' family and they have also claimed to feel uneasy quite often. In the past year or year and some months I have not experienced any odd occurances personally. My mother on the other hand has. She has never been physically touched or experienced anything she would consider abnormal, until recently. She claimed on two occations to have felt a presence atop her whilst in bed and waited it out as she was at home with her mother but didn't want to alarm her. She claimed to finding bruise spots on her arms and thighs after both incidents, I've seen the bruises on her on many occations as they appear at unusually timed intervals.
your story is proof that the bond between humans continue even after were gone. Would love to hear about the pranks that your uncle pulls on your mom hehe 😊
spiritwaiting its interesting how you wonder if a spirit can leave your life alone for a while then return, I have also had paranormal occurances happening to me since I was a child up until now and I'm 20yo atm and it has in fact seemed as if the thing that would harass me would mess around then go stagnant for some time then mess around again... Hmm your not alone with that idea... Thanks for sharing your experience it is indeed a very odd one... *curious_sami*
Date: 2013-10-01
pleased to hear she seems happy and mor normal than before... Its sad how the relationship between you and her got disrupted because of selfish spirits. That was indeed a terrifying experience I do hope you are also better... Peace an love *sami*
Date: 2013-10-01
a dramatic story it is. It was a good one at that I do hope no one was hurt during those happenings...
quite a disturbing occurance, the drugs in your system could be a factor in the event but even so as you said it seemed normal or ok at the time you were doing it. There is a possibility of another entitys doing and also as the others have said the author of the book commited suicide which could have gotten to you because of your curiosity in the paranormal and the slightly less concious effect of being drugged. I hope your paranormal occurances are better ones... Peace and love *sami*
Date: 2013-10-01
waow... That is some dramatic stuff... I'm not sure if to believe it or not I'm half and half in the belief part but what a horrific experience and having the people close to you not believe is hard... I know about that part of an odd life... Good luck in your future endevours. Peace and love *sami*
Date: 2013-10-01
such a sad yet sweet story, its a bit spooky but so much more lovely.
haha poop poop poop poop I wouldent mind haveing a ghost like that hangin aroung my place.
sound like a fun day out 😉 well the footsteps are interesting, sure to get any paranormal enthusist excited, the pictures could be either messed with by faulty tech or an interfearing spirit but without any way to eliminate either it'll remain an interesting occurance... Great story btw... Peace an love *sami*
Date: 2013-10-01
very odd... Very interesting... Luckily its not bothersome...
Date: 2013-09-30
waow that's such a sad powerful thing to go through... Peace to your family ❤... Mabe your moms spirit found that projecting itself brought about relief to the situation she was in. 😕
hmmm lucky yall got out of there before it worse... Considering it was already pretty bad
Date: 2013-09-30
good story... Scary scarryy experience... Its a good thing he fled instead of going to it... Who knows what could have happened!