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Foretelling Minor Life Events on 2013-10-23

In one of my other stories, I mentioned that I have had some other experiences with the paranormal. I'm not sure that this qualifies, but I wanted to share anyway. The earliest that I can remember having one of these experiences was in the 5th grade. What is that, 11, 12 years old? I went to bed ...

The Lola on 2013-10-23

If you've ever talked to someone who served in the military, then you know that we all have a story or 50 to tell. You will also know that military members can relate to just about every story told to us in some way or another, either from personal experience, or by proxy (a friend's, cousin's, brot...

Little Guys, Old Man, Creepy House on 2013-09-30

I previously submitted a story relating to my son, now I would like to relate my personal experiences. 1) The Little Guys: I don't know much about this one, but this has been told to me many times by my mother and the story hasn't ever changed. I was born in Lancaster, CA, and until I was 5 li...

Papa And My Family on 2013-09-30

I want to start this off with my own background. I am not a religious person, most would consider me to be an Agnostic, but I more personally identify myself with the overall concept of Deism. I am really the only member of my family with this set of beliefs, which has alienated me in a way. Because...

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Found something out about the hose with the Panda Bear. My mother was in town a few weeks ago, and we got to talking about the houses we lived in. Apparently, someone she knew was familiar with the house and the previous inhabitants. She was told that the previous family had a son who was mentally ill and ritually performed animal (chicken) sacrifices. One thing I forgot to mention, in my brother's room, he found in a hidden shelf of the close, a blade to what looked like a steak knife with some odd spots, we thought the were rust. Now I'm pretty sure it was blood stained.
Date: 2013-10-23
Thank you all so much for the compliments! While I never met Papa, my wife tells me how awesome he was. She would visit him every day from the time she was a child until the day he passed. I know that they had a special bond, so I find it very easy to believe that he would want to keep her and her loved ones safe.
Ok, that's what I get for not keeping an eye on this story, I guess I have some things to clear up. As far as the little guys go, I am sorry I don't hae much other than a story told to me, I was too young to have memories about this. Lady-glow, no, I do not understand Japanese, but I have heard enough to be able to differentiate it from other Asian languages. A few questions about the tapes to answer: The cassette tapes were kept on a refrigerator in the garage for a couple of months, then I tucked them back into the attic where they were found, right after that, we moved out, so I don't know about any other "hauntings" that may have occurred.