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I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian household in the 1970s and 80s with narrow and rigid outlooks and explanations on the paranormal - usually an uncomfortable topic, muddled with confusing and contradictory criteria for evaluating if something difficult to explain rationally, i.e., paranormal, was from God or The Devil.

Because of, or in spite of that upbringing, I am by nature a rigorous, empirically oriented "factual". I respond to the data (objective and subjective) in context, regardless of conventional wisdom, ridicule, convenience, or my own preference - and yet, I am a believer in the paranormal.

It is generally considered absurd (if not a sign of practical insanity) to claim to evaluate "evidence" empirically and yet also conclude that the "un-proveable" realm of the paranormal is to be taken seriously - but I do claim both.

I have had, and continue to have, many perplexing, psychic, experiences in my life, but I have never seen ghosts (that I know of...?). Instead, I tend to "know" things that seem perfectly natural for me to know until I remember that I shouldn't know them. In many cases I cannot, or have not, taken the time to prove what I "know", but it is always especially eerie when evidence surfaces from my own efforts, or randomly from others, corroborating what I "know".

I have had several experiences in which I
Believe (for lack of a better explanation) that I was "remote viewing" people and, or places in different times. While strong, distinct and occasionally repetitive, these experiences seemed random and I have never arrived at a satisfactory conclusion as to their meaning or origin.

When I was much younger, pre-teen, I would have "out of body" experiences where I seemed to be floating above and just behind myself. It is difficult to explain, but I would see the world as if looking through my own eyes, but also as if I could see in a 360 degree arc around me. It seemed to always happen at night or near dusk and always in places with lots of lights. I have shared this with only a few people in my life because the first time I tried to explain the experience to my mother and aunt, they were convinced it was somehow demonic and started an impromptu exorcism which only ended when I said "I didn't feel the Devil anymore". I can laugh about it now, but as a six year old, it is terrifying to be told the Devil is inside you.

Because of these experiences I have raised my girls to accept the spiritual world as naturally as the corporeal world - but with a critical eye. They have seen "entities" and because of how I have trained them to analyze information, including their own experiences, I do believe what they have told me. I intend to share one such experience from my youngest daughter in the hopes someone in this forum has some insight into what she saw.
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Not An Animal-not A Person? on 2013-10-07

In the spring of 2008 my family moved into a townhouse in a quiet cul-de-sac in Centralia, Washington near Centralia High School and less than 100 yards from the banks of the Chehalis River. My daughters, age 16 and 12 at the time, shared bunk beds in a bedroom that overlooked several neighbors'...

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Date: 2013-11-07
MandyNicole- you posted on my story and mentioned the above account. Any details you could give me beyond what you described above would be much appreciated, like: where were the kids from, did these things appear during the same activities, same time of day- anything else. Thanks
Thanks much for all the input and suggestions. To answer as many of the questions as possible in one post;

This did occur several years ago (2008). No- I never did sleep in her bed to see for myself. I have a hard time accepting sleep paralysis or sleep disorders since she had never reported anything similar before or since. I agree it's a hard thing for the rational mind to understand, which is why I posted on this sight 😁.

What I was really hoping for in posting here is if anyone is familiar with native legends about supernatural creatures such as I have described and what these legends say these creatures are or do...?