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I joined this website because, well, Halloween was coming up and I was looking for local haunted areas. So many of the stories here were so intriguing and well-written, and the members so kind and good-humored, I had to stick around. [smile]

27 Aug 2015 Update - So many here have disclosed more about themselves. I am 30. I have no children and no longer have pets. First and foremost, I am a scientist. I majored in Nutrition & Dietetics, Computer Science, Informatics, and Japanese Language. Yes, I'm an overachiever. -_- Don't judge me.

I've only ever experienced premonitions. And had some strange occurrences. But I've never experienced ghosts. Not as far as I know, anyhow. I chalk most things up to dreams and imaginings. As for the premonitions, I tend to believe they were just hiccups in the time/space continuum and I'm essentially "remembering the future". But this site has been AMAZING because I've read many stories which are causing me to question my analyses. Thank you for being awesome.

I read scientific studies and paranormal stories for fun. YGS is a great place for me to relax before I go to bed or take a nap. My sleep schedule is erratic or rather non-existent. You will see me here most often when I am terribly sleep deprived. Hence this fun and random update to my profile.
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Involving Psychic Stuff Moreso Than Ghosts on 2015-08-27

This doesn't involve ghosts, however I have so much respect for the community at YGS and the psychics here that I'd rather get help from you rather than from anyone else. I've never shared these stories in a public forum before... Because I think it seems crazy. I didn't get into the paranormal b...

Ghost In Love With My Boyfriend? on 2014-11-27

I'm still rather on the fence whether or not I believe in ghosts. But I have had some eerie experiences in my life, mainly dream-related. The summer after I first moved out of my parents' house, I had a boyfriend who lived with his mother out in the countryside. We had dozens of parties out there...

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Date: 2018-02-24
"there is no ox so stubborn as an Orthodox" ahaha that's a wonderful phrase. Thank you for sharing this story, cous'.
Date: 2018-02-24
PS - As for knocking and doorknob twisting, I live in a busy city, personally, and we have salesmen and strong wind and old buildings which settle and such. I once lived in a warehouse and had nightmares about people breaking in. I'm a little paranoid.:3 But in the end, I recognize that most odd noises around our household are the wind, temperature shifts causing settling, and again, the wind. I suggest making sure you have a very good lock (or two), particularly a deadbolt, and you won't need to worry. As many people of many cultures have said -- we have more to fear from the living than we have to fear from the dead. You're probably not hallucinating but even so, it's not illogical to be wary. Invest in a good locking system, do what you need to do to feel secure, and fret no more. As for everything beyond the physical realm, it sounds to me you've got some loving spirits in your corner. I think you'll be a-okay.:)
Date: 2018-02-24
Go with your gut. Reading this, I think it probably was your granddad. Your mum sensed it, you sensed it, and you and your other family members needed comfort. It only makes sense. Thank you for sharing your story! ❤
Haha I, too, would be happy to take to email. Would love to confer with fellow "sliders" on ehm, "anomalies."

Thank you, Emma! Someone commented on the video "Yay! The unaltered version of the scene!" That means it was at least in one of the original versions!
I've had some near-death experiences, as well. So glad that I've been helpful. Please check back in and share if you find anything you think really seems a fitting explanation for what you experienced! This is so fascinating.
Update: Reading through another forum for hours, I've read many comments postulating that near-death experiences often cause people to be more prone to what they call "sliding" (slipping between alternate realities and times). Another interesting hypothesis is that ghosts are actually people from 200 years ago, for example, dreaming and sliding into the present. Interesting. It appears that ghosts, time-travel, psychic stuff, etc. All connect in some way.
I don't know what my thoughts are because I fell down the Mandela Effect rabbit hole and now I'm questioning everything. Poor memory? Maybe. Not sure. I have a few trains of thoughts here, I suppose. 1) "Sliding", 2) Poor memory en masse, 3) False news reports (re: deaths of people, massacres, etc.) Still doesn't explain the Star Wars thing. 😕
Thank you! My friends, ages ranging 26-34 disagree. They claim it was added into the new release.

And it wasn't on my parents' VHS tapes.

I... May need to ask my dad for those tapes before they move and Mom makes him toss them out! 😳
Okay whoa hold the phone.

Going off on the tangent here.

Mandela -didn't- die in prison? *Googles*
Good grief. See, I remember him dying of being ill. But then a little over two years ago, someone told me that he died in prison. I was extremely confused, so I googled it then, and indeed, got returns that he'd died in prison. Interestingly, that same year was when I found out the books were Berenstain, not Berenstein. I went hunting for my childhood books that I had in a box, didn't locate them, had uhm, an experience which I won't share here but it also seemed like time travel.
So here I am, wondering at Nelson Mandela's death yet again. It is now what I had remembered. What the heck?
Checking Wayback Machine... The 2013 capture has been deleted. 2014 and on also report his death due to respiratory failure.
People remembering "Luke, I am your father" I always believed just don't know how to quote things. My partner and I quote things all the time and we are quite precise about it. I'm also frequently correcting people's "but then I took an arrow to the knee" quote from a videogame called Skyrim. It's "-in- the knee", not to the knee.

That said, I stumbled upon the mandela effect blog... And... I remember that episode their friend is speaking of, if it's the one they were talking about. They went in a hovercraft in the desert and there's a bit when obi-wan waves his hand at the guy and convinces him to let them pass, said "these aren't the droids you're looking for". You see, that was in it when I was a kid (I was born in '85.) But then when they released the remaster, everyone acted like it was a -newly released- scene. I was like what on earth are you talking about, that was always in it. My friends were incredulous. Told me I was crazy, I was misremembering, no one had seen that scene before because it was never released. I watched Star Wars over and over and over again in my childhood. I knew that scene existed in the original.

Visited my parents, pulled out their VHS tapes and VCR, rewatched the movies. The scene was missing.

Someone please tell me, was it in the original or not?

Were there multiple releases? I watched them on repeat at a friends' house. Perhaps her parents owned another version of the VHS tapes?

Is the Mandela effect actually a thing or are people just confused by a) poor memories and b) multiple releases and poor documentation?


Thank you, Emma, for sharing your story. That's absolutely fascinating. I, too, wonder what NASA was researching then.

PS - Sorry for rambling / hijacking. I'm just so dang confused right now.
No need for apologies, thank you for explaining~ I'm sorry for being so tangential, I was just confused (and still was even after your wonderful explanation, but I found a Wiki page explaining your school system and I think I get it now). Looks like the system has changed since 2011 as well. Learn something new every day!
I've read through the comments, there is a lot of great advice here!

The only other thing that crosses my mind is that most people in their teen years are a) highly imaginative and b) have uhmm... Certain biological needs.

I predict that if OP is to see a priest and/or psychologist and tend to the aforementioned biological needs, this "Rhyder" will disappear.

When I don't tend to myself, my brain tends to invent situations, particularly when I am asleep. It's a blessing and a curse. 😉
I'm really sorry but did you mean to write "junior high school" instead of high school? Or did you graduate high school at age 13-14!? I'm so confused.

As for the rest, these do sound like sleep-walking episodes. I had a few of my own in my teen years. So awkward. Looking forward to the rest of your story!
Date: 2017-07-25
Delightful that my front door creaked and the dishwasher dry light came on and went off again while I was reading this. 😨 Haha

My friends and I 'played Ouija' from scratch (didn't have a board, so we drew one and made a planchette from cardboard), and we spent hours playing. A story unfolded of a little boy. I don't remember much, but it was fun and intriguing, and really, I think the three of us all contributed to the story. We were just three teens, essentially RPing (roleplaying) a fun story whilst pretending there was a ghost. No hauntings for any of us after (though in retrospect, one of those friends did have an interesting Tarot card experience... Ohai dishwasher light wat r u doing... And now it's off again)

What I'm curious about, and forgive me, it's late, and I think I missed something. You mention a demonologist, you mention the 'other thing' trying to 'come back in'... How did it wind up outside in the first place? And good grief the light's on again... And off... And on...

I guess it just goes to show sometimes weird things happen.

The knock may have been the broom falling over in the wind and hitting upon various surfaces on the way down, I think.

IDK about the shadow... That is quite odd. Curious about the interim between its pacing and its being outside. Hope all is well now!
Date: 2017-01-22
The light that moves further away when you approach it reminds me of will-o'-the-wisps. What was the time of year? Could be bio-luminescence from rotting leaves or moss bursting into flame. The house catching fire is more than a little concerning, however. Just glad no one was hurt. I don't know what to think about the rest. It seems rather unfamiliar.
Date: 2015-11-18
I'm so sorry, Val. I'm okay! Many of my friends and I were shaken up that particular week, who knows why. I feel pretty good now. I come to YGS because you all soothe me.:) I guess I was more off than others that week. And it all seems so silly now. But I'm so glad for having this site.
Date: 2015-10-29
Also I'd like to add that I'm totally tailing the other empaths here to see which things they commented upon so that I can stick purely to the sweet, reassuring stories, because I think that's what they are currently craving as well. Daisy, thank you so much for sharing this sweet story. I used to feel like my kitty was visiting me. I really do think it's temporary, such as when you really are in need. It's such a reassuring sensation. That padding, the kneading. That's love and trust. It's a communication of loving you completely. When you are in need, animals in all forms will reassure you. And this is why I'm fully convinced animals have spirits too. They love you. My mother always told me that you can judge a person by how animals respond in their presence. Now if you're charming *ghost* kitties, I think that means you're probably a really awesome person who just needs love even more especially right now and that kitty was drawn to you because of it. Just my take on it. 😳
Date: 2015-10-29
This will sound hokey but given my past week and especially the past two days, I think we're drawing closer to a particularly important Samhain or Halloween or something. My friends and I have all been feeling odd. We're scientists, though, and were trying to figure it all out. It just so happens that the moon was full two nights ago and we have had solar flares going on a bit. Solar flares, alone, mess with people. The full moon brings on the tides and menses and this is the time of month that the "baby deck" is most busy. (Women are giving birth.) Two days ago a friend of mine was mourning our friend who'd died, and I think he visited me a lot the past couple days, and I'm fairly certain she went into labor yesterday. I'll check later. FB is unsafe for me right now. Aaaaaaaaanyway what I'm trying to get to is that right now the barriers seem to be broken down for a LOT of people, so it's quite possible that you are experiencing a temporary visitation that is slowly getting stronger but will ebb once the gate closes. If that even makes sense. Guys I'm weird right now so someone else take on the science part for me k? I'm like River from Firefly right now. I just. I see it. Words are hard.
Date: 2015-10-29
I can't understand or process a lot of this at the moment because I've been experiencing a "disturbance in the force" the past couple days. (Logged in to post a stream of consciousness thing but... Nope. Reading stories for confirmation bias instead. Hi! I guess I forgot I won't know 'till the stories from two days ago are published...) But I just wanted to say I am SO glad that you are seizing control of your abilities, and that you have people to guide you. Sorry, ball of happy sad angry weird energy right now. I love you all. And it makes me happy this site exists in the first place. You'll figure it out, that's all I know. With a little help from your friends. ❤
Wow, Val, that's incredible. And I don't doubt it for a second. I've read some twin studies on sensing the other's pain. There is undoubtedly some connection between people. I liked Orson Scott Card's explanation of this phenomenon, even if he kind of rather quite clearly went off his rocker during the writing of the final book of the Ender's Game series.

By the way everyone, I saw this. Some of you know EXACTLY what this writer is talking about. Prepare to laugh uproariously. (Don't watch if people are sleeping near you.) Don't drink water or eat while watching it, either. My poor nose.

Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I'm still processing that week that I posted this story. You see, I'd spent the previous days diving down the rabbit hole and researching these phenomena. Most sites discussing telepathy and "Indigo Children" seem rather nutty. Though some had some mind-blowing suggestions far too comparable to my own experiences. Anyway, that was a really strange day. I fell asleep early. And that was the same hour that an old family friend, my childhood pastor (a really great man) passed away. We've had wildfires up here in Washington State and a lot of my friends were feeling really strange that day. I suspect it's related to the wildfires. 😢 It's really nice to know that others have experienced such strange things (and I totally understand that waking up in others thing, though for me it's in strangers' bodies). Thank you whoever allowed me to publish this as well. ❤