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Miiri_Vaughn's pictureHello I'm a regular girl who likes murder shows, serial killers, and schizophrenia. I have only had a few experiences with anything paranormal and I'm very afraid of it so I try my best to ignore it or keep it hidden away. I think it's time to change that.
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My First Experience At Hardmoney on 2013-10-21

When I was very young and living in my old house in Hardmoney I had my very first paranormal experience. Since I was under the age of 10 at the time I wasn't quite sure what it was that was happening and I just knew it wasn't something that SHOULD be happening. First I will tell you the backgro...

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My old house is complicated. Sorry for the confusion. The window was to my left and I was facing a wall. I wish I could draw on here... And the idea about a flashlight or motorcycle does make a lot of sense. I plan on living in my old house again when I get older and doing some major renovations. Maybe it will turn up again and I can give a better explanation and pictures. Sorry for all of the confusion.: (
I hadn't thought about that but it was a circle from the side coming in. I wasn't facing the window. There was actually another house on that side. And my dad was a policeman at the time so I don't think it was a police thing. But that is a REALLY good idea. But we weren't near the woods...